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2138: Brilliant! Hilarious! Engaging! Authentic!

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    Arby’s is still delicious. And there was a line in the drive through the last time I went.

  2. Kemdoc

    I fukk with all of y’all. A host of truly beautiful people. Very grateful for this community

  3. Monica

    How dare you, Rod and Karen? How DARE YOU talk to me like you know me? You’re not my parents! You were talking about people who can’t be in silence with themselves as I was listening to you, while listening to NPR, while doing the dishes , while doing my laundry, while waiting for the water to filter while I was making lemonade. All at the same time. That doesn’t mean I can’t be in silence! Harrumph!

    Just kidding! That’s definitely what it means. It’s something I’ve struggled with. That’s why I fall asleep to your podcast or others sometimes. I really liked hearing about how you both use counting to calm your mind and bring yourself back to the moment. I’m going to explore the idea of micro meditation. I’m not consistent enough with regular meditation yet.

  4. Dee Ramsey aka Mother Jenkins

    I am playing catch up with episodes. I love Episode 2135 with Franqi French Toast (not her rea name). She was magnificent! I know that the past four years of me tuning into the podcast has provided me with information and insight into various social, political, and community issues.

  5. WhitneyAsmodeus

    Central Park Karen should get whatever punishment law enforcement would give a black person who did what she did. I personally would like to see consequences for racist actions.

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