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2139: Public Debate

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Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus, Bath and Body works fires employee, JK Rowling signs cancel culture letter, public debate, Supreme Court says companies don’t have to cover contraception for women, Bey’s mom is fed up, woman points gun at black women, Kyle Queiro apologizes for Jill Scott comments and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Kyle Quiero knee exactly what he was doing. He just didn’t expect the backlash. He is trash for that .

  2. Monica

    I find the idea of having public debates on TV again intriguing. Those debate programs from the 60s and 70s were quite long in duration and today I think they’ve been replaced with talking heads and soundbytes on some news networks, and maybe the Sunday morning politics shows. But these seconds-long back and forths are no longer proper debates. They end up being just quotes in search of virality. It’s only talking, not listening.
    Do we no longer have the attention span for watching long, in-depth discussions? Not on network television. But the rise of podcasts and digital presentations and workshops, especially during the pandemic, lets me know people will show up for listening.
    There’s a company called Intelligence Squared that has been hosting live debates all over the world since 2002. They post all their debates on their YouTube channel. They even have some virtual ones on there now. I always wanted to go to one here, they were usually hosted at NYU, but I never got to go. You reminded me of them. Public debates still remain kind of a niche event.

  3. MizzBarnes72

    Weight is a sore subject with me and my family. I was always the heaviest in my family, no matter how active I was. My grandmother would ask me all the time, how much did I weight, the failed diets, the starving, making my self throw up, the self doubt…it was awful. I never have understood how people can just comfortably open their mouth and say foul shit about someone who has gained weight. It’s disgusting.

  4. Kim

    Karen you spoke the truth about weight! I thought my mama and her family were the only ones like this! It drives me crazy and I have told her so many muthafuggin times to stop that. You’re right, you know what you look like. I don’t need nobody to tell me that. The thing is she ain’t small , but that is her go to . She 76 now and ain’t changing but I will let her know how I feel when she says something foul.

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