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2140: Reagan Returns!

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Rod and Karen are joined by actress, writer, director, podcaster and producer Reagan Gomez to discuss being in the house during that Rona, kids going back to school, Hollywood shut downs, Black art progressing through the years, Her podcast, The Smith’s Red Table Talk, love, celebs having Twitter meltdowns, Black men not understanding gender dynamics, activism on Twitter and looking forward to not being on lockdown.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Thanks so much for having Reagan on , she was such a great guest and a breath of fresh air. #ZariaPetersonhive I feel for her and every parent and teacher out there deciding on whether or not to send their kids back to school. I don’t even have kids and it has my nerves bad lol. Hopefully parents will do what they need to do to keep their kids safe – we can only hope!

    On Will and Jada

    Kudos to them for being open and honest about their relationship , I’m still shocked they were willing to be THAT open about their relationship because they could have easily ignored it or lied about it. It definitely seems like they took the time to sit down with one another and really define what THEY know their relationship is – that is really powerful when you think about it. In the end it seems they grew from it emotionally so again kudos to them.

    Finally , I hope Reagan gets to direct more tv series I remember her talking on Twitter about shadowing the legendary director Julie Dash on the Queen Sugar set . Her show idea she mentioned sounds dope I could definitely see it on Freeform or The CW . Hope it gets green lit ASAP!

    Peace, thanks again Rod and Karen,


  2. MizzBarnes72

    One of the many beautiful things about this podcast are the guests that you bring mainly because I learn something new everytime. Sadly, I had no idea who Reagan Gomez was but as she was talking, I was thinking to myself, damn, she sounds so much like Roberta from The Cleveland Show. I am subscribing to her podcast and adding Queen Sugar to my watch list. Thank you once again for highlighting talented folks like Reagan!

  3. CheyenneKnew

    I think Karen’s words will help me a lot in the future. Dividing my expectations of marriage from reality and realizing film tropes aren’t real life was definitely a wake up call.
    I didn’t even realize that every marriage is different until I heard her say that which is absolutely insane. Anyway thanks for the common sense Süpreme Karen

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