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2143: Pregame 246: On The Record

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While we take the week off here is a peak behind the paywall. Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Curb, Karen’s bonuses, Coronavirus, Barry, Betty Davis documentary, Coronavirus effecting pick up basketball, On The Record documentary, Westworld, listener feedback and Tammy Rivera on colorism.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    Hope you enjoyed your week off! With the amount of work you and Karen have been putting in since the pandemic had us all sheltering in place, you deserve it. Karen, I enjoyed hearing you on 3GO. Your laugh is really infectious. Although I’m premium, I always like seeing Justin’s name pop up in the regular feed. I went back to listen to some of my favorite PG episodes. Today, I revisited the episode where you reviewed Tariq Nasheed’s It’s Time and talked about Desus and Meros’ beef with DJ Envy. I used to be a Breakfast Club listener when they would condense each show into an hour podcast but at some point I aged out of listening to it. Maybe around 2017.

    Finally, I started listening to the Spann Report and I love it. I also started listening to Get Wood again after you had Jess Wood on a few weeks ago. I forgot how I enjoyed it. So many podcasts, so little time! Thanks for helping me stay connected during my sheltering in place.


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