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SMR 298: The Old Guard

Rod and Karen review Gina Prince-Bythewood’s Netflix action movie, “The Old Guard.”


  1. Miss1ko

    I feel like…..they were channeling Elizabeth Holmes with Merrick as the villain. First of all, why would this youngblood be the head of a hugs pharma corporation? Ageist. Should have been an older person maybe a woman maybe not but someone who had more gravitas.
    I also think Kiki Layne had a less than stellar performance…..she wasn’tgiving the same vibe as the other team members. But, BUT she was supposed to be the newbie an fresh and I think they should have had her have just a little more spunk. She was very somber and I wanted to have more sumn sumn. The character…not the actress necessarily. I hope there is a sequel. Jaime Lannister as a bad guy? TYWIN? ….I’m mad I had written gravitas listening to you and then a few minutes later you echo my thoughts. LOL

  2. Anne

    Will Negrocon be virtual this year?

  3. DrUzo82

    Hi Rod & Karen,

    My wife actually came across this movie and, after I heard about it, I made her start it over so we could watch it together. We both really enjoyed the movie. I loved the setup for Kiki Layne’s character to become the lead going forward and Quynh (the woman trapped in the ocean) coming back at the end has me hype for the sequel. I completely agree with both of your assessments of Merrick, the scientist villain. The word that kept coming up in my mind was “menacing”, as in: the dude playing Merrick is not very menacing at all. Maybe it was just my excitement about the ending, but I thought Quynh was WAY more menacing in the 45 seconds she was on camera than Merrick was in any of his scenes. I suppose that is by design, seeing how Quynh is an immortal with a grudge after drowning every few minutes for centuries, and Merrick is a sniveling, greedy scientist. Though, the super violent way Merrick died was pretty entertaining. Either way, I am very much looking forward to the next iteration of what is hopefully a 3-part story.

    Thanks for reviewing these movies in the age of the ‘rona. Stay safe and blessed!

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