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2142: Amazing Peer-Less Podcast Of Dreams!

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. J-Full

    Home girl that called in about Parasite just spoiled TF outta the movie. I’m glad i’ve already seen it lol.

  2. Felix

    I just had to take a minute to shout-out other Felix for that amazing gift for y’all. Did not even consider there might be another brotha out there named Felix in the UK who’s also into art who also listens to this podcast. Had a little chuckle to myself at the end of the episode.

  3. Sarah

    This is an incredible episode. Sometimes I roll my eyes at podcast “feedback” episodes, but yours work so well because you interact with your audience with the same humor and insight you do with your guests.

    I really love your homage to John Lewis and reflection on forgiveness. I think the point about putting in the effort to reach forgiveness is important. I believed strongly in changing the prison system, but I do tense up at the thought of releasing sexual offenders. I think that comes from the lack of progress upfront; so few people address /care about sexual abuse, it is traumatic to go to the police, barely any cases go to courts, and even fewer are convicted. It feels hard to have forgiveness at the end when someone is incarcerated (even though it is needed) when there is so much work needed at the beginning. Though maybe it is better to be brave and advocate; I’m not sure.

    I think debates could work well on Netflix; that is where documentaries flourish. We have also seen thoughtful shows like Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, so there is an audience.

    On the Nick Cannon thing, I think a good resource for people is Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist. Even in very liberal circles there is the idea that for something to be racists it has to come from a place of power. That is further diluting the definition of racism (like the post-racial ideas only bad people are racists) and we need to be able to clearly define things that are racists as racist.

    Sorry this has been long. For a final thought I love your sweet grits investigation. I like savory, though I tend to call it polenta instead of grits. Not sure if this makes me some sort of third wave or bad ally. Love you guys!

  4. rodimusprime

    Dear rod and karen

    I wish to remain anonymous but I just want to say thank you for stating in your episode that black ppl are not exempt from being an -ist or -phobic person. I get so tired of black ppl saying we can’t be an -ist or -phobic person because of slavery and civil rights movement and no other group can be a minority or oppressed group.

    But the sad part is, with the Nick cannon situation, there are ppl that will say he was the victim of racism for being dropped from viacom even though he made anti semetic statements.

    What I don’t understand is why didn’t Nick cannon take the time to own wild n out and other shows that he created so that he can take his brand wherever and not worry about losing money..

    In essence, love you guys and keep up they work

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