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2146: #Goals Digger

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Rod and Karen discuss handling written disagreements, Coronavirus news, 50 Cent apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion, Ocatavia Spencer calls for more roles for disabled people, Terry Crews tweets again, cheese retiring racist name, Tom Cotton on slavery, Target, MTV didn’t advertise on Black death articles, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I guess this goes in the “that’s y’alls man” segment, but could go in covid segment as well. I guess I’m just confused af. Republicans stayyy complaining about how getting $600 a week is enticing people (obviously they mean black and brown) to not work. I don’t understand how that is the issue, rather than raising the minimum wage. Very easy google search – highest min wage is $14 in DC, most states is around $7. Like what the f*** Republicans expect if there is an opportunity to do a little better during covid.

    I seem to remember Donald straight up saying – Yea, I cheated the system, change the system. In regards to taxes and him not paying shit or partially paying. White folk and R’s gave him so much props for gaming the system back in 2016. And partially used that as an excuse for Tax Bill.

    I swear – hypocrisy is a staple for republicans.

    keep doing what y’all doing. Stay safe.


  2. EvieE

    I think at this point Terry Crews is vying for a spot as a Fox News commentator. The only people gassing him up are Maggots and other coons.

  3. MizzBarnes

    Karen had the realest words on being heard.

    The worst fear that I ever had was not being heard, having to take the road of silence and not having any say in a disagreement. I had to constructively learn ( aka, learn the hard way) when to and not when voice my thoughts as sometimes, it caused more harm than good. I’m still learning to properly ‘place’ my thoughts on a subject as that gets me further than hell-raising, which I was very fond of, once upon a time. Time has mellowed me out, but when it is something very important to me, I do have my say, as constructively as possible. Another thing that I had to learn is that when you do say the first, middle and last thing on your mind, social media is NOT the best place to voice it. Another life lesson that I had to learn…..smdh.

  4. PhDeeRamsey

    Five Stars for this podcast, especially White People News took me all the way out! I could not even finish walking my steps because I agreed with Rod about Crystal Harris Hefner waiting on them dollars. Sometimes you have to do a thing that makes you the most uncomfortable.

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