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2145: Energy Vampires

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Rod and Karen discuss setting boundaries on energy vampires, Coronavirus news, Megan Thee Stallion discusses being shot, Kanye reportedly checks into hospital, Draya may have lost Fenty sponsorship, record number of black women running for congress, man threatens to shoot BLM rally, Beverly Johnson dealing with racism as a super model, Indy mom shot over BLM argument allegedly, Black Capitalists, The Smiths set Facebook record, BeyGood giving grants to Black businesses, Jack Johnson series, young Black figure Skater, The Rock hosting Global Citizen’s event, Kevin Hart and Obama hosting HBCU ceremony, man jailed for fondling himself, NJ councilwoman bigoted rant, doctor shoots husband in front of kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. MizzBarnes

    I LOVE Into the Badlands!!!!

    The level of action that was in that series was just excellent. Not to mention that on this show, the women, such as The Widow, Baron Chau ( that actress is now on the Walking Dead), Tilda, are so scary good. Daniel Wu put together such a good show, however, I must mention found my #2 on my fantasy husband list, Lewis Tan on this show. So handsome, so cute 😀

    I cannot wait for him in the new Mortal Kombat reboot.

  2. USMC Devil Bitch

    5⭐️s When y’all started talking about Herman Cain I thought, “yeah, that nigga on a ventilator about to die.” Lo and behold… Today apple news informs me that he has, in fact, died. Thoughts and prayers to his family. Can Louie Gohmert get next? Maybe Barr? Dream big, right?

    Love the show. You guys keep me laughing when I’d rather cry. America is a clusterfuck right now and your humor really helps me deal. Still hoping that a “Melanin is a Preservative” shirt will pop up in your teepublic store . Much love and keep the laughs coming.


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Listening to your discussion about the looming homeless crisis, which will disproportionately effect Black and brown people, there is another component that I have not seen discussed. How does one being homeless impact their ability to vote? If you opted for a ballot, where is the ballot being mailed to? If you vote in person, where do you go to vote? How many people will be turned away because the shelter, or their auntie’s house is not in the district/county you registered to vote in? Gee, does this open the door for Rump and his claims of “voter fraud”? Sort of seems like a planned agenda on the part of those seeking to invalidate an election they have a strong reason to believe will not go their way. Add that to the already entrenched acts of voter suppression, the stormtroopers being set loose on democratic cities just in time for the election, and this a a recipe for disaster, with all hell breaking loose and Rump and his minions mobilizing to ensure that the will of the people is subverted. If what I fear comes to pass, we are all doomed to hell. I wonder if anyone predicted that this will be the way Armageddon comes to pass.

  4. rodimusprime

    *First name is pronounced like Tamera Mowry without the E.* Another great episode. This Corona Virus song was the funniest one so far. Lastly, I am curious how did you all find the sound clip “Cut The Crap ” lady?

  5. Dee Ramsey aka Mother Jenkins

    I love ya’ll! One, two, three, four, five stars!

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