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2144: TicketLivesMatter

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Rod and Karen discuss changing Black to Chocolate, empathy, Rod’s random thoughts, Coronavirus News, Draya Michele vs Megan Thee Stallion, Nick Cannon cryptic tweets, Mo’Nique lawsuit against Netflix, Ebony Magazine bankruptcy, Walmart ends Black Friday tradition, racist at Verizon, Redwood City takes down BLM mural, man crashes and burns church, woman burns car, lottery winning man charged with murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m so glad you said that you said you uploaded those episodes, Rod because when I saw hundreds of old episodes on my phone I thought it was glitching lol.

    Draya is a prime example of what happens when you say out of pocket stuff just to impress people who don’t give a fuck about you. Those guys may have been trying to steer her away from those comments but they were also eating it up so they have some good sound bites. Now she lost her Fenty endorsement and played herself.

  2. Anne

    Can you post the link for the Corona virus rap that you played on this episode?

  3. PSDiva95

    Greetings, Rod and Karen!
    You brought up old game shows during this episode. There was a whole ass serial killer on an episode of “The Dating Game” in the 70s! He won the date and the lady said that when they got backstage afterwards, the light went out of his personality. Thank God, she cancelled the date! There was a mini podcast series called , “The Dating Game Killer”, from Wondery podcasts. Love you guys and the show and I hope you enjoyed your break!

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