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SMR 299: Fatal Affair

Rod and Justin review the Black Executive Fanfiction™ film “Fatal Affair.”


  1. CEPETE88

    Appreciate the review. Y’all got my wife heated cuz this movie was her jam haha. I just had a couple issues I couldn’t get my head around: they just gon leave that dead kid on the balcony like that? And then send her back to college that easy? No therapy or nothing?

    Also, I had to let my wife know that if we’re having romantic dance parties on our million dollar balcony next to our private beach, and I find out she telling another nigga that I feel like a stranger, we getting divorced. It’s a wrap haha

  2. Kemdoc

    This movie and this review is my type of foolishness and carrying on. I laughed to the point of tears at this review. Rod was utterly and impressively ridiculous almost to the bitter end. All to rate the movie on the super trash scale Lolol. I’m here for it. Also I think the shocking kill of the flick was the lil boyfriend. He ain’t have shyt to do with any of it and caught the OJ treatment. Damn.

  3. Brooklynshoebabe

    The level of vocabulacious academic discourse you and Justin brought to this review was beyond reproach. Preach Professor Rodimus.

  4. Anne

    This review was the best ever. Rod really dug deep to find those uncut gems in the plot. For me this movie was the standard Lifetime Movie of the Week. I didn’t expect much when I watched it and got exactly what I expected. I also like Burger King.

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