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BDS 360: Jerry Rice On The TikTalk

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA return, Sage Steele mad at black colleagues, Woody Johnson problematic comments, NFL agrees to Covid testing, Dwight Howard is an anti-vaccer, James Harden’s mask mix-up, Patrick Mahomes on his race, Dale Earnhardt Jr plane crash, NASCAR fans boo Bubba Wallace, Danica Patrick, Ed Oliver DWI, Mookie Betts gets paid, Jeremy Roenick sues NBC, Ronael Pierre-Gabriel assaulted and has his car burned, Rachel Bush still at it, Mark Cuban coming to The Cookout™, Stephen Jackson vs Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson apologizes, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr, Seattle Kraken announced, Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson, Antonio Brown demands NFL take him back, Jerry Rice joins TikTok, Jesse Kelly’s racist comments, JR Smith didn’t pack enough draws and Renee Gracie returns to Supercars.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it dooskie Rod, Queen Karen and JMLB,

    I hope all is well with y’all. I know baseball ain’t covered that often here but I’d remissed if I didn’t acknowledge that, Joe Kelly of the LA Dodgers is raggedy, big loss energy having, salty low bottom hater and spineless coward. Fuck Joe Kelly, fuck the Dodgers, fuck the color blue and fuck Clayton Kershaw too.

    Full disclosure, I am a Houston Astros fan and I understand that the rest of the MLB feels some type about the sign stealing…but this throwing pitches at the Astros? That’s some weak shit. First off, the majority of baseball teams shouldn’t concern themselves of what goes on at top the things, word to Kevin Durant.

    Secondly, the Ringer talked a bunch of stat people who found that Astros didn’t actually benefit from the sign stealing in the first place; there was no wild statistical aberration where they looked unstoppable at home and trash on the road. With that being the case, I don’t why folks are mad the league gave Houston immunity to figure out what was they were doing to put an end to it. Last time I checked, that’s what the “Barry Bonds ruined baseball” crowd said they’ve always wanted the league to do in the first place. Otherwise, another team would’ve eventually figured out how to do this and actually have it make a difference.

    And finally, on Joe Kelly? If he wanted over to the mound and punch Carlos Correra, Alex Bregman, or Jose Altuve in the face, that’d be one thing. But I fucking the hate the cowardice of throwing a literal rock at someone and expecting them to take it and then getting mad if someone pulls up on you. If putting hands on Houston means that much to Kelly, he could’ve walked his ass to the dugout and squared up with the whole team then.

    Also, I ain’t saying folks are throwing at the Stros cuz of cism, but generally, the idea that an entire league would deputize themselves to punish another team for cheating gives off some big angry white man energy. Well, I guess they have their hate and while it ain’t a World Series win, it’s something nice for those types.

    And with the Marlins spreading Rona all over the damn place, I now want Houston to win it all not just cuz I’m an Astros, but to make these niggas *big mad*! Timeline ain’t ready for the ignorance I’d bring. Also, what do y’all make of the league-grade ITWAN for the MLB to not even have a *plan* for a team outbreak? Could y’all imagine if the NBA had a team spread the Rona cuz they allegedly went to a strip club?

    Speak of medical calamities and the NBA, which player on the Knicks do y’all think started icing their knees once they heard Thibs got the head coach job and why was it probably RJ Barrett? Knicks fans, hang in there. As a fan of LeBron James’ 2016 NBA Champion Cavs, I try to be empathetic to less fortunate teams in the NBA and I realize that encompasses pretty much every team that ain’t Toronto. Thinking of the Knicks, I just wanna thank God almighty for giving the rest of the East so much and the Cavs so little.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable weekend y’all,

    Niggas only, only niggas


  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Queen Karen of the Queen City and Jrue Williams,

    Shout out the WNBA for walking out during the National Anthem. Powerful shit. I love seeing how unified and solid their message about Social Justice is. The WNBA has many inspiring stories. During it’s history the league had its ups and downs but they powered through. The league has steadily strengthen their voice and the future is bright. Thanks for your coverage of the WNBA on BDS.

    NBA is back!!!!!!

    I must say that the NBA Restart is a fun watch. The scrimmages were entertaining and interesting to watch develop. I’m looking forward to how they are going to improve the game experience. So far as a television product goes, the normal crowd isn’t really taking away from anything in my opinion.I wouldn’t mind some TBGWT pre-game background music while i watch. I’m looking forward to the NBA snitch hotline leaks that’s going to reveal the Karens of the NBA.

    What are you guys looking forward to this NBA Restart?

    Mikey T

  3. fyahworks

    What’s going on Rod , Karen, and J-rew

    1. Alexa play luniz “I got 5 on it” is what Drew Brees said! So it seems he is giving Louisiana a second “stimulus package” by donating another 5 million to Louisiana toward health care. Cool story bro.
    2. So are the wings that good at magic city that sweet Lou Williams just had to drop in for dinner after leaving the bubble? Back into quarantine you go sir!
    3. Shout out to Kyrie giving 1.5 million to the WNBA players who have decided to opt out of their season! I guess flat earth-ers can do some good in the world!
    4. Congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson on the birth of their child. When I heard this story all I could think of is that sound byte you play rod. “Think for y’all to go to bed” that name tho. Win? I mean it’s better than that shit Elon musk tried to pull with his child. I know you and Justin joke about Russ being a robot, I guess this is the name that his algorithm computed.

    Thanks again for this platform! Hands down pg/bds is my favorite podcast ever and look forward to it every week! I appreciate y’all!

    Niggaz only

    Only niggaz

    Fyahworks out…….

  4. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Joe Jelly,

    I love to see Houston Astro hate. They’ve been beating up on my Yankees in the playoffs but it turns out they some cheating ass bytches. Lol. I recall in the playoffs the Yankees complained about Astro dugout sign stealing and they got laughed off the podium and out of the playoffs. Then the Nats handled them in spectacular fashion and all the accusations suddenly were confirmed. I’d like to believe that if they had won the World Series no one would know a thang the way everyone whitewashes Bellicheck Brady and the Pats years of cheating to win Super bowl schemes. Joe Kelly got his ass up on that mound and beamed Alex Bregmann and then threw at Correa. Then struck Correa out and as he was walking off the mound to the dugout yelled ‘nice swing bytch.’ That’s the type of energy and carrying on I love to see. Sidenote: I don’t think Cam will be doing a lot of talking while Pats players opt out of playing this season one by one. Seems coordinated to tank for Trev Lawrence and the league finna let them do it. They can’t stop them anyhow.

    I find it ironic just how little we actually come to expect from NBA players and how much admiration we have for the stances WNBA players take at great detriment to themselves. If you line up the headlines it’s striking:

    Dwight and his shyt
    Lou Will and his trip outside the bubble to a whole other state to hit the syrup club
    Dudes breaking their bubble quarantine for door dash
    Harden and his mask


    DellaDonne and her lime disease fight and having to forego the season without an exemption
    The players running back to the locker room during the anthem and not giving a damn
    Maya Moore giving up her prime years to fight for a mans freedom and exoneration.

    And I know we always ask ‘well do we really want to hear what they have to say’ and I actually do. But that’s just me personally. It’s been a refreshing to hear Popovich and Kerr speak out. Two older men. What do the black players directly affected by these protests have to say? Oh and I see Gordon Haywood has chosen ‘Education Reform’ for his Jersey name. Chefs kiss. Why even bother lol.

    Thibodeau coaching the knicks won’t win any chips but it can improve some of the issues that have made the team a laughing stock for two decades. Lack of effort. Lack of defense. No offensive strategy. Iso ball. I just pray for RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson’s knee from all them minutes they about to play.

    Y’all be safe,

  5. chubbzero

    Hello Karen, rod and jou Williams! I don’t write to you guys every week because I can’t decide what to talk about, but that damn lou Williams shole helped me out this week! This is fish in a barrel! Showing up on the gram in magic city with some overrated white rapper! (They’re all overrated),talking bout some wings? This nigga bout shut the whole league down for some lemon pepper flats?!smh. And the new York Knicks. They should just change their mascot to the “can’t get rights”. Right in the middle of all this black lives matters protesting and everyone talking about racial equality, they go and hire another white man retread. What, Tyrone lue can’t get a look? Sam Mitchell just working for NBA tv with his Steve Harvey too big suits and his stacey Adams. I hate to say it rod, but I think you were right when you said you don’t things are gonna change much and that it’s just performative right now to say black lives matter. Alright, yall be cool!

  6. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and JLB

    It’s funny baseball was the first sport to talk about a bubble for the season, but they decided not to and look at them now. The NBA and NHL both had zero positive tests for the league this week, but baseball gonna have to drop a whole team to the Rona. The Blue Jays can’t even go back to Canada and didn’t have a home stadium until after the season already started. Meanwhile the NFL is still acting like their season is gonna happen like normal in a month.

    And my favorite part of this Lou Wiliams story is watching the national media lose their minds, meanwhile everybody from Atlanta just treating it like he stopping at Price’s Chicken Coop on the way back to the crib. And now that we find out he’s got his name on the wings, what meal from your favorite restaurant would be named after y’all? 

    Appreciate the dope shows as always, hope everybody had a great week. Peace

  7. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and Justin. The state of Georgia has been giving us a lot recently to be mad about. Rep John Lewis passed, COVID cases, that Loeffer lady who says WNBA players shouldn’t be speaking out and athletes who do things that make you go hmm. Cam is releasing his hype videos on IG in that wing ding font ranting about what happens when a lion roars. Dwight is refusing to wear a mask while in the bubble and says he’s against immunizations. Then here comes good ole Lou Williams. Not only did he mislead NBA Security as to why he needed to leave the bubble, he goes to Magic City…for chicken wings. Chicken…wings! SMDH

    What do you guys think of the outbreak amongst the Miami Marlins? I want to say it’s due to MLB’s lack of a plan but the team is based in Florida and it’s barely been closed.

    Keep up the good work

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