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2155: Denzel Washington Jr

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Rod and Karen discuss how to protect your empathic gifts, Karen random thoughts, Coronavirus News, more WAP fall out, John David Washington, 100 Black Men demand Black woman VP, AL HS cheerleaders pose with confederate flag, Navy Seals Kaepernick demonstration video, racist couple charged with hate crime, BBC apologizes for n-word on air and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    If I was Denzel Washington’s kid I would put it on a business card and hand them out. John David Washington is an okay actor but he’s not that good to not use his Daddy’s name. JS

    Same people critiquing WAP are the same people jerking off to it

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Karen and Rod, (yes I listed Karen first she is AWESOME and everyone lists Rom first. No shade Reggie.)

    Thank you for talking about relationships being transactional in episode 2155. I am a small business owner 4-5 employees on average. The first thing I talk about when I bring someone on is that our work relationship is transactional. That doesn’t mean me the boss doesn’t care about you the employee but we are in an agreement. You give me effort I give you dollars. For context our starting pay with zero training is almost double minimum wage in our area. We are in Illinois and our minimum is 10 ish an hour. I’ve routinely given employees extra compensation outside of their normal wages especially during COVID. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled up gas tanks or added hours to a time card to try to help people when we were slow. I stopped my own pay at the beginning of the pandemic and have yet to start it again so I can make sure I can pay everyone. We missed out on the first round of the PPP and it was tough. But I made sure I took care of the people that choose to work with me. If at any point one side fails to live up to the deal we agreed to we need to part ways. If I let you down talk to me if we can’t fix it leave and I’m sorry I let you down. I’ve had zero people leave since the pandemic started so I think that’s a good sign. I try really hard to live up to my side of the deal but COVID has made it challenging. Thankfully the people that have chosen to work with me believe in what I’m trying to do and understand that this time is challenging. I provide N95 masks to our whole staff including a set for their entire family, sanitizer coming out of our ears that they can take home if they are running low, everyone that can work from home is working from home, I did this before but I became more strict during COVID. If you can work from home WORK FROM HOME etc.

    From the episode I don’t remember the number for… and Karen I mean no shade here but when you missed something that Ray was trying to joke with I laughed so hard. It reminded me of so many times that my own wife has killed jokes. Karen if you want to kill the jokes that Raymond makes please continue. It made you feel MORE like family. All of us have people that misunderstand what we are trying to do and mess it up. Karen NOT that KAREN… you are a treasure and I love the insight that you bring to the table Roland I appreciate you as well.

    You are both amazing. You have helped to educate this white guy more than you will ever know. I will continue to listen and share your podcast to everyone that asks for a good podcast. Your podcast is one of the only few that I listen to every episode (excluding the show recaps. I don’t watch that much tv) but in all honesty I listen to them on occasion for an alternate perspective. If you watched the Umbrella Academy I’d love your perspective. Especially considering some themes in season two.

    Another fun story for both Raynard and Karen. I was listening to your podcast when I went to get gas an you were both singing fucking with black people was playing. I had the top down because it was nice out and a dude walked up to me and looked me dead in the eyes and asked, Is that Rod and Karen? Of course I told him it was. That dudes eyes lit up and we talked for a few minutes masked up of course. He has an interview with me next week to start working with us. I feel like if we both listen to you there is a common ground for us to work from moving forward.

    Also specifically for Karen I’ve put 5 on it multiple times don’t shame me.

    By far my favorite segment of your show is the reading rainbow. You’ve introduced me to so many books that I’ve read (no lies I’ve listened to audible for the win) Most notably The Warmth of Other Suns and I’m telling the truth, but I’m Lying


    If you’re open to it I’d love to chat on air and be transparent on hiring from an employer perspective. If I can maybe help other people overcome roadblocks I’d be happy to. If you’re not open to it I don’t take it personal I’ll still listen to the show.

    The white guy who listens.

  3. Dee Ramsey aka Mutha Jenkins

    Five Stars! Chile… the first Rona Virus Song…nothing but porn on loop!

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