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2156: Black Woman VP

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Rod and Karen discuss Kamala Harris VP pick, Coronavirus News, Kanye West, Uber and Lyft have to treat drivers as employees, Black Capitalists, woman argues with man she knocked unconscious with her car, Burger King worker slapped in the face, woman pepper sprays and beats women after car wreck and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Joe Biden could have picked a VP candidate who wants to abolish all Arby’s and I’d still vote for him. I’m looking forward to Kamala giving Trump that work. Funny how all the Copmala critics got quiet.

  2. EvieE

    Joe Biden could have picked a VP who wants to abolish Arby’s and I’d still vote for him. I think Kamala will do great. Isn’t it funny how the Cop-mala people got quiet?


    Gonna be honest, Joe could’ve selected Pete Buttigieg & I would still be fine with the selection. I’m glad it was Kamala Harris, however. The narrative around her is muddled, where she’s getting blamed for shit that other people in California. Does she have some explaining to do about her record, otherwise? I mean, when the entire world is in rubble & people need to bitch how they pretend to care about prisons, by all means, I guess. Personally, I don’t give a fuck. She ain’t perfect. Ordinary people aren’t perfect, either. These Woke pricks tie themselves in knots to not seem fraudulent 24/7, being something they aren’t online.

    Anyway, I’m tired of these performative dickheads prancing around Twitter, claiming to care about democracy, unless, it’s to tell you, that it’s ok NOT to vote. Fuck these people. White liberals, obviously, but some of these black folks who aren’t controlled by Comrade 2679 on Twitter, saying this shit online is exhausting. Seeing fellow black personalities try & understand these feelings is exhausting. Stupid, even. Either you care about making the world a better place or you’re just cosplaying like those stay-at-home-ass Bernie voters. I mean, fuck Republicans, at least they have a plan. It’s a nefarious, racist, dystopian plan, but they have one. These cosplay libs clutch their pearls too damn much, that they lose all the damn time. So smart, but lose all the time & then bitch about Obama, Pelosi, Schumer & others to just DO Something for their failure to take back the house, senate & presidency. Wackness unparalelled.

    I’m going to follow my advice & tune them out for my sanity forever. It won’t be easy, but these people have no integrity. They’re blatant chaos agents. Nothing more. It’s like what you say, Rod: You’re either useful or you’re useless. I’d rather be useful & let my vote for Joe & Kamala do the talking, not FEEL about voting; I’m tired as well, but we don’t have time for that or another way. Voting is all we got & it works. Trump is so scared, he’s taking mail boxes away. His dumbass knows we want him out. That being said, go Joe & Kamala.

  4. Kemdoc

    I was relieved as fukk when I heard the announcement. The love she has been getting feels so earned after all the vicious hate and attacks. And seeing them working together during these press events is actually refreshing. You can see it working before your very eyes. They have a great working chemistry that isn’t often palpable when someone picks a weak as VP. Even though she lights up the room he inhabits it seems perfectly fine by him and he’ll protect her from the bullshyt more than he’ll protect himself. And let’s be clear: we’ve seen Kamala with the flamethrower. The negativity and feeble republican attacks bounce right off her. Did they forget she used them nominees and cronies as chew toys. Don’t Fukk with her. She might just end Trump if she ever decided to stop being cute. I would love to see it in a couple months.

    I’m hoping there’s enough coverage and outrage at the post office bullshyt to stop this suppression in its tracks ORRRRR that this shyt essentially hurts republicans down ballot just the same as Democrats. I’m planning to vote in person because my voting place is never dense but I will be praying for everyone in densely populated areas that will as Rod said ‘have to risk their lives for this election’. Be extra careful out there and be prepared with everything you need to survive the wait. We are a prideful people and hate begging. But we’re begging. Fukking vote. If your one vote wasn’t valuable these demons wouldn’t be removing you from the voter rolls, slapping heavy fines on felons to deter them from regaining their enfranchisement, delaying the mail of veterans and senior citizens and cancer patients. Fukking vote. Or die. I say that with every bit of love within me. Love to everybody out there listening. Kem.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Listening to these “woke Blacks” slam the VP selection of Kamala Harris is so disheartening. The fact that so many of these women are supposedly politically savvy Black Women is disgusting. It’s almost as if 2016 never happened. Part of me wonders, “Have they learned nothing?” Another part of me has come to realize that their brand is claiming to be anti-establishment (strange how their anti-establishment stance only works when it comes to the Democrats) and to acknowledge that she is a good pick goes against their brand. In addition, they know they are prime to be put on the summer jam screen with the “This you?” if they say anything positive about Kamala because they were the main ones carrying the water for republicans, Bernie Bros and the bots with that Kopmala BS, even though had they actually looked at her record, they would have seen that Senator Harris has long advocated and championed the very things they claim to support. It’s gotten so bad that I have literally put some of these women in the Shaun King column where I pay attention when he talks about anti-Black violence because he has made me aware of things, but when it comes to his political thoughts, he falls into the void. I am Team Biden/Harris. Hell, I would be team Calcified Dog Shit if Trump was the other option. Now I just have to worry about making sure my absentee ballot gets counted.

  6. Marissa Jenae

    Seattle is a hot mess—basically the city council is at war with the mayor and police chief. Activists got all 9 city council members to publicly agree to 50% cuts on the force which is huge—this why ppl are pushing back now. Also re: the lay-offs. The department definitely tried to say this would hurt minority officers, but the council pointed out a clause that allows the chief to do layoffs out of order and recommended those layoffs come from officers who have repeatedly complaints against them. The police chief Best (who, mind you, like most officers, lives outside of Seattle in a rich suburb) refused to do so and instead is quitting bc she said it goes against her “principles”. and bc she is a Black woman conservatives all of a sudden are pretending to care about race , saying “how dare you treat the first BW chief like this?” But best has been in the dept a long time and has been 100% complicit even since back in 2014/15 when I was an active organizer and she was second in command. Last thing, the police are so corrupt here, when they were first under consent decrees it required them to fill out forms when use of force was used. The police union sued the federal govt saying it was too much of a burden for officers to have to fill out the forms. The union has since been kicked out of major labor groups in the city. I hope ppl are able to keep pressure on the council to force change and would love it if we could get mayor durkin out the paint—they talk a big liberal game but Seattle has terrible outcomes for most Black folks and POC. That’s why a lot of major protests still happen here. Ok, I’m done—sorry for the rant but wanted to provide some extra context. Wait, last thing on the homeless encampments sweeps which they’ve continued even during COVID…they used to use inmates to do these sweeps while paying private firms hundreds of dollars and hour to oversee it. Once the public backlash happened they removed the inmates, but they are still doing sweeps…throwing out peoples possessions and medicine without thought. BTW average home prices here are $800k so homelessness is huge.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Just wanted to comment about the Coronavirus news discussion about parents and children going back to school/daycare and offer a little different perspective. Many parents have to work and right or wrong schools and daycares are what we have relied on to watch our children while we did that. The difficulty with the closures is that my work isn’t closed and they still expect me to come in and get my hours. I don’t wanna lose my job or look for a new one because then I’ll be jobless during a pandemic that doesn’t really seem to have an end in sight. If I knew it would be over in a month maybe I could go on leave and live off savings for a while while we shelter in place but no one can give that kind of assurance. Where I live there are even schools that are only open certain days of the week and parents are struggling to figure out what to do during those other days because they can’t get off work. I acknowledge that for some parents it may be just them wanting a break (and I don’t judge them for it because these kids are SAVAGES!!! Especially when they are trapped in the house. It is every man/woman for themselves! :)). But I had to speak up for parents who need to work. I talk to many other working parents because we’re all trying to figure out what to do and we agonize about this decision (putting our kids in school or daycare) and stress about it a lot. Personally it hurts to hear people think we take it lightly- this is my kid after all (he can be bad but I love em 🙂 with everything I love him). I wish there was some sort of reform or forced closure of jobs during the pandemic (with employees still getting paid and accruing benefits) that would allow us to be as safe as possible but I just don’t see that happening. Thanks for hearing me out. Love your podcast as always!

  8. AbsintheMinded

    Hey Rod & Karen, love you guys and the podcast. Definitely need your podcast more than ever. My company has me back in the office. At least I can work remotely on Fridays. I know you may see people complaining about the Democratic ticket but please keep using your platform to encourage everyone to vote. I know it will reach someone. People are fed up with Trump. My great uncle, who is a member of revcom.us. (Revolutionary Communist Party, USA), is now a registered voter. He is still an activist at 72 but didn’t vote. I don’t know if the entire organization was anti-voting but they released a statement about voting in the upcoming election. If my communist uncle and his cohorts are going to vote, I need everyone else to suck it up and vote Trump’s ass out of office. Peace.

  9. rodimusprime

    Rod and karen

    I wish to remain anonymous and make this brief but the sad part is black voters will not come out in a high number to vote for Biden because of Harris’ racial makeup, being married to a white man, and her role as a prosecutor in California. it’s a shame that she will have to prove her blackness to blacks and explain and possibly apologize for doing her job as a prosecutor which I feel she shouldn’t because she is biracial and no one questioned Obama’s blackness when he first ran and she was doing her job to represent the government in regards of criminals are punished even it may seem harsh but she was doing her job!

    Another thing, 100 black famous men signed a letter stating that Joe Biden should pick a black women as vice president but did not rally behind supporting a black woman to receive a president nomination but now want to rally for her. It’s like a oxymoron.

  10. Jaris

    Y’all had BARZ this episode especially when talking about Kamala Harris and Kanye West. That truth bomb about Breonna Taylor was depressing as hell because it’s so true. It needed to be said. I’ll keep it short cuz there’s really nothing more to say about this stellar episode. Thank you Rod and Karen!

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