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2166: Knuck If You Cuck

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Rod and Karen discuss how international shame won civil rights for Black people, Coronavirus news, LGBTQ News, RNC speaker justifies police profiling her biracial son, Greg Abbott mad about middle school homework assignment, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Being a cuckhold is a huge kink in the conservative community. I have a friend who makes good money sleeping with other men’s wives. And he said he’s seen many Maga hats and crosses. He’s black and most of the people are white and he says quite a few of the men have asked to suck his dick. I’m not judging, it’s hard out there in the pandemic. Funny how these conversations have black people but love black dick

  2. MayJuneJuly

    Another great Reading Rainbow! I’m so glad you shared that, I learned that a couple years ago and it’s so messed up. We americans are so heavily propagandized in our education system and one of those methods is leaving out global context. The passing of the Immigration Act of 1965 was a direct response of that shame. These Republicans have so little shame now, they couldn’t even muster up enough shame to protect their own children after Sandy Hook. If you don’t even give a damn about your own offspring…how can you reason with a people like that? Folks gotta stop playing. If someone fighting cancer gets shot, that doesn’t mean you don’t tend to the bullet wound too. We gotta fight on ALL fronts!

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