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2167: Black Bear On Black Bear Crime

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Rod and Karen review Lovecraft Country episode 2: Whitey’s On The Moon

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    I am loving your recap of Lovecraft Country. I find myself looking forward to it each Wednesday. I was however worried about Karen with this week’s episode because it was the most like a horror movie of the episodes that have aired and we all know Karen hates the scary stuff. Hopefully it wasn’t too much for you Karen.

  2. Chrisshree

    1. I cried at the Hanna scene on the rewatch. Like we’ve endured so much. All that’s going on in 2020 and what our ancestors endured just brought me to tears.

    2. William looks like the male version of Christina like her alter ego or something. It’s weird. But when they kept talking about her not being a male I wondered if he was her in male form.

    3. That cow gave birth to one of those pig monster things and everyone in the barn was cool with it?

    4. Cried again when Leti told her story to the fake Tic with the white people watching just so vulnerable to the wrong people smh

  3. EvieE

    This was an excellent episode. I love seeing racists dying in horrible ways. One thing that did confuse me about this episode was we when Tic was freely walking on those white people’s lawn and no one batted an eye. I was waiting for one of them to attack. You can’t tell me the racist dog lady was the only racist in town. Hope Uncle George can be resurrected.

  4. EvieE

    I think this should should be subtitled racists getting what’s coming to them. I love it. One things did confuse me was when Atticus was walking through the town and none of those white folks even looked his way. He was all up on their lawn too so no one pulled out a gun other than the racist sheriff lady? That part was suspect but other than that the show was a masterpiece. I hope they can bring uncle George back.

  5. OttoDeFe

    I think Christina told Tic he could take hold of the ceremony when she put the ring on his finger – “the smallest, most inconsequential thing can set you on its course – you just have to see it and seize it.” She was staring at his eyes to drive home that point. If Tic snuffed her dad she might be in a better position with no risk. If not, she’s probably no worse off.

  6. Kemdoc

    The fear in Leti’s face when Tic switched up on her and wouldn’t take her no for an answer was……look that scene was disturbing. They had been building real trust and attraction throughout these revenant experiences, so I cannot imagine how devastating that kind of horror fantasy could be for her mentally. On top of the trauma of her dying and coming back to life. The way she screamed awake from death…..Jurnee Smollett is truly in her wheelhouse when she takes roles from the 1800s and 1950s. This is golden

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