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PG 253: White People Failing

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss candles, white people we know being trash, creeps at the gym, I May Destroy You, After The Gig, The 100, Hoops, avoiding the RNC, Talib Kweli update, podcast opts out of restorative justice they promoted and listener feedback.

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  1. fyahworks

    What’s up rod Karen and j thrill

    I’ve been watching that p valley and so far I’m really enjoying it. Man I also heard a rumor snowfall might be pushed back till next year! I guess it’s probably true cuz summer came and gone and no Franklin! That was a show I was looking forward to this summer.

    Lastly if I’m not mistaken, sept 2 is tbgwt day and you guys wedding anniversary or it’s coming up. Just wanted to say happy tbgwt day / anniversary
    Continued success to you guys, and you too Justin. Lol

    Fyahworks out

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