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BDS 364: Bubble Trouble

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA strike leads to sports hiatus, Earl Thomas cut by Ravens, Ron Rivera cancer diagnosis, Jerome Bettis racial discrimination suit, Devin Booker is busy, Goodell apologizes to Kaepernick, JR Smith threatens Tory Lanez, Hershel Walker at the RNC, Kemah Siverand apologizes, Renee Garcie in the laundry mat, Shaq hating on Luka’s shot, Al Horford sister being messy, Lay-Off P feeling down in the bubble, Lionel Messi wants out, Dan Snyder cheerleader sexual harassment, Lonzo Ball dating IG model, LaMelo Ball signs with Puma, Tara LaRosa racism, NBA 2k supports BLM, Saints player wear stickers for Jacob Blake, Brian Urlacher racism, Bruce Arians downplays protests, Black NHL players upset by league response, Josh Hader, Mystics make statement in shirts, Jerry Jones protest hopes, Logan Couture punched for supporting Trump, Plaxico OnlyFans and fans wish death on Daisy Jean.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JJay Williams,

    I hope all is good with y’all. Happy anniversary Rod and Karen!

    With all the wild things happening in the world right now, I’m so glad the NBA playoffs featured something as routine as prolific score Luguentz Dort aka A Nigga Named Dort dropping 30 and hitting the game winning shot over maligned defender James Harden. Y’all. What’s wilder to y’all: Dort dropping 30 or James Harden winning the game on a blocked shot?

    I won’t lie, I was rooting for OKC this whole series cuz the jokes on Twitter have been *chef kiss* amazing and Chris Paul looked like he was really going to drag this raggedy ass team into the second round of the playoffs *off pure spite*! I realized this nigga Chris Paul was crazy at the end of Game 6 when he was just staring at Harden during that free throw. And now the Rockets have to go face well rested LeBron…least til Jay Williams decided to piss of LeBron.

    Is it called “Dame Time” cuz Dame’s only right twice a playoff series? And between here and The Mind of Dom, after hearing y’all breakdown Dame, is it fair to say that Dame is Reggie Miller with some swag to him?

    Someone on Twitter made the assertion that AD is the best teammate LeBron ever had. I think that’s absurd cuz D Wade exists, but do y’all think part of why that argument could hold weight is cuz D Wade’s body completely fell apart by the end of LeBron’s time in Miami?

    Fuck Kirk Cousins and all the folks who think like him, especially the idea that precautions are about a virus running wind sprints across this nation are just a matter of “opinion”. Since he’s on some “if i die, i die” shit then I guess that means he won’t be taking up a bed at the local hospital? We are the dumbest fucking country. On god, I hate it here.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Thank you as always for all y’all’s hard work!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. fyahworks

    Rod, Karen, chatroom, listeners, and j Richard Jefferson! Good day to you all!

    1. So last week we had mark Jackson vs George Karl, this week we getting Richard Jefferson vs Scottie Pippen. Richard used Scottie to describe Giannis as a player, followed by saying Giannis he needs his Jordan. I loved Scottie’s Clap back which was “ I’m not him and he is not me! The real question is who you?” Oh the spice with retired players/coaches! I love it! But wait it gets better, Jay Williams of espn game! Bring lebron and dwade into the argument and lebron had a clap back! Hmm mmm the spice.

    2. Put y’all shades on, Because the white privilege is shining bright! The nets having been looking for a coach for sometime now, threw out names like ty lue and pop. Out the blue, this morning, breaking news, Steve Nash was minding his Canadian business and gets hired as the head coach! Meanwhile we have more than enough capable black assistants in the league right now who could have filled them roles.

    3. In the nfl, Someone explain to me wtf is wrong with Kirk cousins? His attitude about the nfl season is if I die I die! Meanwhile, Andy Reid just got 6 years added to his bid in Kansas City, and josh “9 lives” Gordon aka I’m back like crack, got a 1 year deal with Seattle! What are you guys expectations for the season? How long will it last?? Obviously there can’t be a bubble with that many players, and they have constantly had positive test! Guess time will tell!
    You guys have a great weekend

    Niggaz only

    Only niggaz


  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J. Cousins of course that nigga is an anti mask wearing ass dude. Is it me or does it seem like these super religious dudes be anti mask too? In other news it’s funny to see folks act like they weren’t doubting the Lakers against the Blazers. Seems like every win this season for the Lakers doesn’t matter. While people continue to ignore the inconsistencies of the Clippers and call them loaded. But to me outside of Kawhi and George their roster is not that impressive. Peace only niggas

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