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PG 254: Dolezal 2 Electric Bugaloo

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss The Rock got the Rona, NC opens up to stage 2.5, celebrating an anniversary, High Score documentary, The Vow is boring, After The Gig, white woman pretended to be Black again, Justin’s relationship denial, pregame news and listener feedback.


  1. Kemdoc

    Hey y’all,

    I went to see Tenet with my sis and her husband in their small town in Virginia. It was soooo intricate. I really really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. It would have done numbers through word of mouth. We were the only people in the theatre so it was great and we ate before we got there so it was minimal interactions.

    Overall a nice time. Felt like a risk so I kept my mask on.


    • Kemdoc

      Oh and the women in the show art….wow. Just being consistently passed around the celeb circles. Hope everybody has their test results up to date because wow. Happened to see an interview with the dude that’s behind their podcast and he seems like a slimy vulture. Make your money I guess. This subculture they’re uncovering is way too much information. Draft more NDAs. The hoes is talkative.

  2. chubbzero

    Hey Karen, rod and jonald j.j. trump. He all on tape talking about the corona for a new book saying its dangerous and serious and shit but around that same time out in the public calling it a hoax! I would say cue that bill Duke “see, you dun fucked up”, but yall know how whiteness works. And I got so many questions for Woodard, the author of this book. How you gone sit on this info knowing it’s killing people every day? I recently downloaded that HBO max and started watching doom patrol and raised by wolves. Are any of y’all watching those shows?

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