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BDS 365: Chris Paul’s Balls Against The Wall

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA game 7s, Steve Nash coaching the Nets, Urlacher disavowed by Bears, Lebron and Obama, Mike Irvin had Covid, Kaepernick thanks Lebron, Mets GM, Klay Thompson speaking out against police, FedExForum won’t allow voting, Donovan Mitchell donates to Jacob Floyd family, John Thompson passes, Kendall Jennner and Devin Booker having fun, Jeffrey Lurie embarrassed of Trump, Brittany Matthews gets a ring from Mahomes, NBA activism, DraftKings signs Jordan, Zach Randolph was hacked, Mister Jerry never getting statue back, Hornets fire Focke, Kap nominated to Hall of Fame, Trevor Ariza child abuse accusations,  Cam Newton child support drama, Penn State doctor on Covid and Love Smith’s son is pimping.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jan Orlofsky,

    Have y’all seen what Marcus Spears was going through being on that panel with Dan Orlofsky the other day? Not since watching Bomani Jones fight uphill against the Stone Mountain-sized Tebowmania agendas have I empathized with someone getting gaslight by some nonsense. Orlofsky had the audacity to say the Browns most important player was *Nick Chubb* while Spears pointed out that Cleveland ain’t sign Landry, Hooper and trade for Beckham so that Chubb to run the ball 55 times a game. I doubted Baker his rookie year and he won Rookie of the Year. I was optimistic last season and Baker looked sorry as hell. Cuz they tried it last year by folks floating that one of the top 5 receivers in the league has a lost step and ignoring this QB that reads defenses like Mayweather reads fine print.

    Baker was so sorry last year that Odell Beckham fantasy owners were second only to Browns fans in realizing how trash he was. Which honestly, I don’t get why folks who weren’t Browns fans already would put their actual money the success of a Browns QB. Most prolific Browns fantasy player in my lifetime smoked rocks and he caught passes from 3 Jugg machines dressed as white men.

    I personally want to thank Danuel House for belonging to the streets and showing that not even Rona can stop some mess from reaching the Bubble. I love it! It was either that or watch his team get worked by celebrated 3 point shooter Rajon “Raj Allen” Rondo.

    As always, thank you so much for y’all hard work and hard hitting sports analysis that we need,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. chubbzero

    What up Karen, rod and jovak jokovich?. So you got a little ticked off the other day and hit the tennis ball in frustration but fucked around and done hit a line judge in her throat. Boy they hurried up and got his ass outta there! And he deserved it! My question to you guys is what would have been the blowback if that was serena? And who do you guys think dropped the dime on Daniel House jr. bringing a covid 19 female tester to his room? I know chris Paul and playing no more but he’s the president of the union so he prolly still down there. If he still down there, you know it was him. Alright peeps talk to you guys later!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Januel House 

    Dick is not your friend! To fyahworks’s point, the guests of players and staff have to quarantine and get tested daily before they even join the bubble, so they’re as safe as the players. But if you really need that new pussy, House over here picking up one of the women doing the testing in the hotel? (Allegedly.) Knowing you just pissed off Chris Paul last series, who’s the head of the union and LeBron is the VP? They about to throw that boy under the bus! Titties over titles indeed.

    And I don’t know if you got to read that ESPN piece about Deshaun Watson but it was the article on Black quarterbacks we’ve been waiting for. Hearing him admit that seeing what Kap went through absolutely felt like a message from the owners to every Black quarterback that they had to stay in line and how much he practiced giving BS answers was some real shit. It also reminds me just how big a deal guys like Randall Cunningham were. They done fucked around and let these boys get radicalized, no wonder Massa Jerry is sitting there shaking hoping Dak hasn’t been playing the long game this whole time. 

    P.S. Shout out Kyle Lowry. I remember we had jokes every time he was in the playoffs as a lemon booty all-star, but he’s been balling since that Finals run last year. Alright hope y’all enjoyed the holiday weekend, take care now.

  4. fyahworks

    What up Rod, Karen and jNBA.

    As the weeks go by. We still haven’t heard anything about positive cases inside the bubble, and that is a great thing. But the league has become lenient and allowed players to bring in “guests” and now it seems they are about to allow staff to do the same. I guess as the playoffs wind down and you have less teams in the bubble, you also have had guys who have been away from their families for so long. But then you gonna have the single niggaz bringing in them hoes and that’s where it can become a problem.
    I’m loving you guys guest, on the mind of dom podcast, talking about the nba playoffs. Rod I think it was you that said the heat can beat bucks, so said so done!

    In football news, Adrian Peterson is taking his talents and his belt to Detroit for one season. Jalen RAMSey is backing up the brinks truck in la, and Kaepernick will be swimming in the free agent pool on Madden 21!

    I thank you for this platform to interact with you guys and keep up the wonderful work.

    Fyahworks out…..

  5. rodimusprime

    Whats up Karen, Rod and J-dell Beckham Jr.,

    I guess the old saying is true;
    When God closes a Groupie Tale – Chat- “DOOR”
    He opens a Groupie Tale – Podcast “WINDOW”!

    Ya’ll see the girl who made a come-up bragging about being with 7 Phoenix Suns now hosting her own show? And her first guest was a girl bragging about how O’dell loves the Cleveland Browns in more ways than one? Do you think this will result in more groupie tale podcasts? Love the show.


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