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2176: Desegregating Them Cheeks

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Rod and Karen review Lovecraft Country episode 3: A History Of Violence

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  1. msmarysmile

    The other thing I’m wondering about this episode is when Christina went to talk to the captain and passes by a maid who looks like she’s dusting. Does that give her the idea for Ruby to go in as a server or is that a time travel thing if that’s Ruby?

  2. msmarysmile

    I love your recaps. I totally missed the thing about the doctor and the arm. Gave me a total ‘aha’ moment and I watched the episode like three times to catch what I’d missed and still didn’t catch it until your recap ‍♀️

  3. Kemdoc

    I also thought they were the same person. The show is too intentional with every detail. Every time I see Emmett Till my heart breaks. I can feel it coming and I don’t want to see it even

  4. Chrisshree

    Leti keeping secrets from Ruby gone get her in some mess smh.

    • Chrisshree

      Oh I rewatched ep 1…George got so nervous when Tic mentioned his dad wrote him a letter about his momma. I Missed that one. George was scared it said something about him being Tic’s dad I’m sure…

  5. Mawnty

    Totally don’t watch the show and it takes me like 3 hours to finish the recap because I enjoy it so much and get distracted and then I’m like, “wait what? REWIND!” A lot of rewinding.

    I agree with EvieE, I love your recap powers. I love that Rod has this style of breaking the episode down into chunks so I follow the story from the characters’ points of view at all times. It’s not just a summary of events, which the major outlets do. And I just love how, Rod and Karen, you bounce your interpretations and predictions off each other.
    Rod, I also love how you add in historical facts such as how Black people weren’t allowed to check books out of the library in some places. When you address the real life figures and history, it really deepens my interest in the show.

    Karen, are you still ok with the show? Because each episode sounds scarier and scarier. Strength to you and thank you.
    I made the right decision by not watching it!

  6. EvieE

    This recap made me appreciate you two even more because a lot of the episode went over my head but everything makes so much more sense now. I will definitely have to rewatch to catch what I missed the first time. But one thing I did understand loud and clear, Montrose ain’t shit.

  7. csick

    I was listening to this episode with my girlfriend and I say to her “wait…what if William and Christina are the same person? Have we ever seen them together?” and then 5 seconds later Rod says “I think William and Christina are the same person”. That’s why I love this podcast. Somehow you can read my mind in the future.

    • DeAnn1013

      I’ve thought they were the same person from the beginning because I’m rewatching an old show where that’s a big plot point!

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