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PG 255: Shaming Shaming

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s family member dealing with Covid, a co-worker’s son dies, vote shaming, social customs, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Paper Mario, new XBox, hosting Last Week on KATG, Isaiah Washington, Acts of Violence, Raised By Wolves, Lovecraft Country, Jessica Krug, Joe Budden, Charlemagne starts podcast network and listener feedback.


  1. Felix

    Congrats on the new gig Rod and Karen! Happy for y’all.

    I keep forgetting to comment on the Lovecraft country recaps but since y’all talked about it here all I have to say is Jonathan Majors’ tight ass shirts and the goddess Wunmi Mosaku (I see folks arent hatin on this black British actress, interesting ) are what’s keeping me afloat watching. This shit is too much for me sometimes. Watching half the show in-between my fingers haha.

  2. rodimusprime

    Aye, do y’all niggas watch P-Valley and Cobra Kai? If not, get on em! Both shows are great! That’s it, that’s the email!

    Leonard Brothers

  3. CheyenneKnew

    Hey y’all,

    This is in response to Justin’s bad news.
    I was actually called into work for a week (at uncc) because one of my supervisors was in contact with someone that got covid and had a mandatory two weeks off (because how do you force people to quarantine???).

    Long story short our manager didn’t tell any of the other supervisors that worked with him, only me, the person that was replacing his shifts. Once I told the The person who usually works with patient 34567778776 why I was here he was so angry that I thought he was going to quit …but he said he can’t afford to.

    It’s not a funny story but it’s crazy how many lives are at stake from both the government and corporations and the people that want to protect both.

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