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2178: Wounded Healers

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Rod and Karen discuss being wounded healers, Coronavirus News, Killer Mike, Ice Cube, families buy land in GA, woman cuts off hand for insurance money, woman uses sex toy in the store and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mgotell

    Hey rod and Karen, I’m listening to the episode and got to the part about the black people who bought the land. I’m a 25 year old black gay man raised in Wilkinson county where they bought the land. The county is huge land wise but it is basically 5 small towns within the county. We have about 2 stop lights, a handful of restaurants, and a couple grocery stores in the whole county. They bought the land in tomsboro down the road from where I use to live. Hopefully they will thrive and I honestly dont see it being a bad the for the county. Especially if they get to know they huge black community in Wilco and surrounding counties.

  2. Felix

    The UK man…. I don’t understand how the government is surprised cases have increased this much. You opened schools bruv, what did you expect. Even had the nerve to threaten to fine people who didn’t want to let their kids go back to school. Last I heard gatherings of more than 6 people were illegal but somehow schools are still open…. Bruv… I just feel so defeated. They really care more about the economy and Brexit than doing the right thing and they’re not even handling the latter well. Anyway shout-out to footballer Marcus Rashford for everything he’s doing for poor kids and local politicians doing their best under this government.

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