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2179: It’s A Girl!

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Rod and Karen discuss snobbery in sharing spaces, Coronavirus News, a man forgives the rape and murder of his daughter, smoke being sucked into a cyclone, gender reveals, toilet snake strikes, Tory Lanez was too drunk, Halsey accused of appropriation, living next to Jessica Krug, saggy pants ban lifted and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mike Mallory

    That prison abolitionist story was so fucked up, but I guess it proved a point, so… cool. I’ve never met a “prison abolitionist” in real life, but Twitter tells me that they’re real. Honestly, this the first time that I had to pause the podcast and distract myself, that was real uncomfortable.

    I still rock with y’all though. Love the podcast. I just felt like I had to say something even though I really didn’t know what to say.

  2. Bstar88

    Hey Mark and Karen. I and my family are from Chapin SC (Chay-Pen) It’s one of the richest (whitest) towns in SC on Lake Murray. The town is outside of Columbia about 20 miles My family was featured on an episode of “Snapped” cause my cousin was killed by the white lady he was dating. Her and her side leeward him into the woods and decapitated his head. That’s pretty much the only thing exciting this town only experience besides the racist Labor Day parade they have every year filled with confederate souvenirs. Here’s a link to the news article about the murder. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wyff4.com/amp/article/girlfriend-convicted-in-murder-decapitation/7006033

  3. Anne

    I’ve also noticed the trend saying light skin, mixed race people aren’t black. I don’t understand it. I also don’t mind it. But I am a mixed race woman so my perspective on this is probably not meant to be the focus.

    Still since my kind likes to be the center of attention I’ll give you my opinion on it anyway. The effort of ending white supremacy will always be a fight between a system if inclusion versus a system of exclusion. We all have to be part of the fight regardless of what label we choose. Becoming more specific on the definition of Blackness is good as long as it is not being done in an exclusionary way. What I mean by that is if the definition is made in order to express self love that was not encouraged before. As opposed to the way Whiteness is defined by who can and can’t be included in the club.

    Sorry for the intrusion into the conversation. I hope it my point was made without causing any offense.

  4. Felix

    Karen was on fire this episode. Said everything I was thinking especially in reaction to that lady saying I can’t breath in relation to masks. The nerve of that woman… ☹️

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