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2180: Karen’s Third Eye Opens

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Shalewa Sharpe to discuss coping with the pandemic, judging people who aren’t social distancing, Black men trying to take credit for activism, Cardi B files for divorce, gun sales spike, Cosby case being reviewed, John Boyega steps down from Jo Malone, Breonna Taylor settlement and White People News.

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  1. Mawnty

    I loved Shalewa as a guest in this episode. I found myself agreeing with her so much, very relatable thoughts about surviving the pandemic. I definitely judge my family members, especially cousins because I see their social media posts where they’re posing with different groups at gatherings. I’m not great at math but last week there was a group of 6 and this week it’s a completely different group of 6. I don’t think this is what they mean by social distancing and “bubbles.” If I add it up their bubble this summer had been like 40 people, so I’m judging.
    Also, yes they all pose together with their masks off, WHY?! Maybe you were masked up the whole time until this one picture but I’m gonna assume otherwise.
    Great insEYEghts, Karen. Keep it up!
    Love y’all.

  2. EvieE

    Chris Evans can get it all day and night and when I heard his dick was trending damn right I was looking. It’s no longer America’s ass but America’s dick.

    I question the timing of Paris Hilton’s documentary now that the Kardashians announced they are ending their show. I don’t really know if she’ll be as popular as she used to be because her fans have all grown up and honestly there are so many influencers out there she’ll be forgotten again in a couple months.

  3. rodimusprime

    This episode has me CRACKING UP. Karen : I’m here for all your conspiracy theories. They all sound way more legit than I’d admit in public. One of my favorite parts of the show is the dynamic between you two. You guys have so much love for each other, and between all the jokes, you still openly disagree from time to time and reel each other in when you think they’re going too far.


  4. Forest

    So, you are absolutely not alone in your memory of Nothing But Trouble. It was hilarious and def used to come on all the time, but more importantly, the soundtrack gave us DU’s “Same Song” with Tupac’s breakout verse.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Okay, one more comment, because I dug this episode loads. MY CAPTAIN AMERICA, Chris Evans, God bless that man. lol. On Saturday, I had jumped on Twitter to post a boring article from a librarian trade journal about how to turn anti-racist readings into actual anti-racist actions. Suddenly, I saw that Chris Evans was trending. I was afraid. Terrified, I tell you. Immediately, I thought “shit, that nigga done Maga, #MeToo , All Lives Matter’d somebody.” I clicked with one eye closed, and was blessed with the joy off the Mjölnir Chris Evans was keeping under wraps. *SQUEEE* I instantly turned creep and drooled “peen.” Then I shared the picture with all my friends who asked but not on my timeline. The favorite outcome of the accidental leak was that there was jokey pic with the caption that said “Guard. That. Pussy.” The number of tweets of women smiling and saying “How I sleep when I know Chris Evans is guarding me.” LMAO. I am basic. I ain’t shit. I objectify men.

    White people news be the palette cleanser.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Karen and Rod,
    I love you like I like melted butter on cornbread, but I have a very small kvetch. When discussing Nicole Ritchie and her sister Sofia (sp?), you referred to Sofia as Lionel Ritchie’s “real” daughter. As a mom of a child who was adopted, that’s low key offensive. Lionel is as much Nicole’s father as Sofia’s. Nicole is his “real” daughter.

    ” Using the words “real” or “natural” when describing a child’s birth parents implies that their adoptive parents are somehow “fake” or “unnatural.” The truth is that adoptive parents are “real” parents, just as the birth mother is “real” in her role as well. These terms also imply that because they are not blood-related, the relationships in an adoptive family are not as strong or lasting as relationships by birth.” –https://www.adoptmatch.com/words-matter-adoption-terminology/

    Sorry to be that “Actually” person
    Still love you,

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