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2184: Black Causeplay

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Rod and Karen discuss white people supporting Trump, Black men promoting voter apathy, Coronavirus News, another Secret White Woman™ and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think colorist does play a little into why secret white women are successful. It kind of makes me think of how Rosa Parks was pushed into the spotlight even though she wasn’t the first to refuse her seat to a white person. Claudette Colvin was a young dark skin single mother but she wasn’t marketable enough . One of the reasons Rosa was chosen was because of her lighter skin. This is not to denigrate any of Rosa Park’s accomplishments but I can’t help but think that colorism for sure plays a factor in how some of these secret white women get away with it. That and black people in general are the most accepting group of people. We welcome almost anyone into blackness who claims it. Except Shaun king, I’m still looking at that dude sideways.

  2. rexsoleil

    This episode is the heavy dose of truth I needed right now. Rod’s take on the half-apathetic white activist nonsense hit especially hard. Coming from CA, I grew up steeped in that white-centric outright dismissal of the South, and I wasn’t immune to it myself. We’re ever learning, ever growing…

    …not to mention how it made me feel to listen to the anger and honest-to-God grief in Rod’s voice talking about the end of TWiB. I listened to TWiB HARD about 2014 until just before the election, and to this day I feel a real loss when I think back on “Win this damn vote or lose.” It is wild to sit here in 2020 and contemplate the arrogance of folks (myself included) in 2015, 2016, who truly believed Trump would never win. I voted for Hillary, but it put a bad taste in my mouth to think people on the left – people I looked up to, people I thought really had solid insight and perspective – were willing to boycott the vote. Ugh.

    …and yessss to the endless bowl of ramen, Karen ! I miss going out to eat more than I can explain.

  3. bamil73

    You asked the question if spiders’ were good, why come all the movies use spider imagery as exposition to indicate the evilness of a place. Well my brother, see, see, see all the negative imagery is propaganda by the bug spray industry, big repellant if you will, to turn us against spiders because the white man knows that spiders are the full manifestation of Elohim come to devour Yacoub. Keep that third eye open.

    On a serious note, I honestly empathize with your extreme annoyance with the woke talking heads of 2016. To this day I see them tweeting their outrage at Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and wonder if they do not possess the self awareness to recognize their own hypocrisy.


  4. Anne

    Satchul Cole has a LinkedIn account and an account with Zillow. Something smells “not so fresh” with this one.

  5. vcthree

    When you brought up the election night 2016 episode of TWiB, I just remembered that I listened to it while overseas and…that last hour, you could hear them slowly beginning to realize that the games were over. I will contend until my dying day that folks–myself included–were extremely overconfident and arrogant, that we believed that there was no way in hell that Donald would be elected president.

    That’s what I think a lot of the discussion on Twitter was about in that cycle. People were setting themselves up as the voices who would hold Hillary accountable, so everyone was preemptively posturing, trying to outdo one another.

    So when I see the Ice Cubes trying to swoop in trying to become last-minute influencers, or the Michael Harriots copping pleas, I really don’t have time for it. I watched what happened in real-time on Twitter, and got sucked in to some of the bullshit myself. How these men straight up disappeared until damn near September of this year, only to pop up and start trying to extract concessions from a candidate, doesn’t sit right with me. It’s hostage-taking by idiots, mere seconds before the bomb goes off.

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