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2183: Big Luther Verzuz Little Luther

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Kaseem Bentley to discuss dealing with Coronavirus in SF, the orange skies, Andrew Gillum big reveal, pumpkin spice, relationship advice, rappers and drugs, Verzuz, SF restaurants getting bad reviews for delivery, Adele, women rappers, outgrowing drug rap, Nick Cannon’s turban game and Kaseem is a secret white woman.

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  1. Mawnty

    This episode was so funny. I enjoyed the back and forth a lot and I liked how Kaseem seemed to be enjoying himself, too, as a fan.
    One thing I really appreciated also was hearing about COVID conditions (and more, because 2020 is greedy) in other cities across the US, like San Francisco. I enjoyed Kaseem’s dispatches from the front as much as I enjoyed Sharron Paul’s account from NYC,a couple weeks ago. And I live in NYC! I just haven’t really gone anywhere that’s not within walking distance since March, with a few car-ride exceptions.
    Kaseem really painted a picture, especially from a non-white perspective, which let’s face it is the one I want to hear about.
    Thanks for the fun, laugh-filled episode, two thumbs up.

  2. @NapiChulo

    I think I answers the poll wrong… I read it as “older people” being niggas older than me. Then I had to realize I’m 30. I’m is older people

  3. bamil73

    This was such a funny episode. On the Adele weight loss stuff though, there’s something I should mention on behalf of my fellow Jamaicans. When she lost the weight, she ran the risk of losing something else…the interest of Jamaican negroes. My countrymen aren’t necessarily strickly thickly, but there is a strong preference.


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