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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I’m voting. I applied for an absentee ballot but it hasn’t arrived yet. If it don’t come soon, I will wait in line at the polling place with a fold up chair, hazmat suit, a water bottle and bucket of fried chicken. I’m worried about my polling location because it’s never crowded when I’ve gone there in the past, but all the poll workers and voters were very old. It may not be open because of a shortage of poll workers due to COVID. There’s a movement to get younger and healthier people to apply to be poll workers this year.

    I’ve voted in every election since 1991 except for when I was on bed rest and pregnant with my youngest daughter. I take voting very seriously. I’ve had mostly pleasant memories of voting, because it was like going to a church picnic. All the church moms and grandmas in their comfort shoes making sure you know how to cast your vote. Them heaping praise on you because you brought your babies with you to vote. Needless to say, those poll workers were Black. I still get choked up when I placed my vote for Barack Obama in 2008. My daughters were about 18 months and 3 years old. I put their tiny hands on the lever under mine and said “let’s make history.”

    My parents just turned 70, so it’s not like there isn’t a whole a generation of Black people alive and well letting younger folks the struggle and the cost we paid in order to vote.

  2. digal704

    Hey Rod and Karen! Fellow Charlottean here. I along with my mom and two of my four children sent our request in for our mail in ballots last Sunday. One kid lives in South Carolina and the other in Arizona. I am on them too! That chefs kiss you gave to people you don’t f%ck with was everything gatdamn thang!!! Love y’all

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