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TNO 158: Next Gen-ish

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the next gen consoles, Sony botches roll out, Johnathan Majors cast as Kang, GameStop closing more stores, Mulan releasing for free in December, Ubisoft apologizes for Tom Clancy game imagery, Biden campaign in Animal Crossing, The Three Body Problem, pilot sees man with jet pack over LAX, huge black hole, Harley Quinn renewed for season 3, Silk tv show, Shenmue anime in the works, New Mutants director, Ray Fisher still being vague, Mandalorian returning in October, Venture bros canceled, Walking Dead will end after season 11, Robocop prequel, Twitch suspends some users, Wonder Woman pushed to December, Baatwoman, Phil Spencer, Tatiana Maslany cast as She-Hulk, AT&T wants ads on phones, Raised by Wolves renewed, Xbox Series X news, Hogwarts Legacy distances itself from JK, Matrix 4 is a sequel, The Batman resumes filming, Walker Texas Ranger reboot, Twitch removing ads, DC Universe rebranding, Tesla owner slept in speeding car while and AmazonBasics products having issues.


  1. kalynlouis

    What up Nerd Nigs?
    I wanna thank y’all for supplying the goods for the past few weeks. I finished Into the Badlands, SHIELD and on my way to finishing the 100. Is it just me or does SHIELD and The 100 swap out characters? And also Into the Badlands top 10 series all time lowkey.

    This week I also took my “calculated risk” and watched Tenet in an empty theatre, and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking, “this nigga Christopher Nolan done did it again”. Idk if I’m biased as I love Interstellar and Inception and the Batman trilogy but the time bending nature of the film was a win before I even watched it. Ight y’all, keep up the good work and congrats on securing that bag!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off crew?

    I hope all is well.

    Won’t Marvel do it! Look at what happens when a studio has the mystical power of *foresight* and *a solid long term plan*! Gaze upon the glory of having an experienced film producer treat IP like stories worth telling on the big screen!

    Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conquer of Smedium Shirts? I don’t know shit about Kang the Conquer but I do know that Majors be act-TING his ass off. I’m like halfway through Lovecraft Country but my introduction to Majors was Last Black Man in San Francisco, a fantastic film. Honestly, my only with that film was that I ain’t know Majors was built like that under that damn trench coat. I’m halfway through Lovecraft Country and it’s fucking awesome. Despite normally being afraid of horror movies, abominations, Eldritch horrors and unseasoned sorcery (they really were gonna eat that white man’s liver unseasoned) none of that really phases me when juxtaposed with white people’s racism.

    And while I ain’t one to normally do fancastings, I think it would be awesome if Reed and Sue Richards were Black (I’ve heard Kang is related to Reed Richards). Not only would that be great for Marvel, but lord it would make em mad and I’m always here for that. Imagine after all these years being mad at Marvel putting Black and brown folks on the screen? Poverty of the soul. You hate to see it.

    Speaking of poverty, shouts out to Warner Brothers thinking that Tenet was about to save cinema and instead it might’ve made things worse? Is it weird that I find Tenet’s low box office numbers encouraging cuz it means folks are stay their asses outta theaters? Oh and fuck the bootleggers for letting me down and not getting Tenet out on the internet yet.

    Did something happen in video games where the minimum screen size for games to grow? Y’all, I can’t see some shit in the corners of my games like Apex Legends or Tony Hawk 1+2 (fantastic remake, btw) and I think it’s cuz I have the had the same 32 inch, LCD TV for like 10 years and I can’t part with it cuz the thing works perfectly fine. Is there some technical reason for this beyond I have an old ass TV?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Thank you as always for all the shows y’all do.

    Nerds only, only nerds,


  3. Amani

    Nigga won’t he do it!! Marvel spent 10 years prepping us for high concept comic book shit and now they can really do anything. Time travel, multiverse, Dr. Strange and Wanda fucking things up, everything on that damn table and I love it. Niggas out here pressed trying to figure out every casting decision and Marvel ain’t said nary a word. This is how good we have it man! I remember sitting up there watching them Generation X and Nick Fury movies on Fox back in the day, you can’t tell me shit.

    And I know Rod is hyped for Warrior Season 2. We back!!

  4. LotusFlower

    Hello, Snyder Cultist here.

    Now that Jason Mamoa has come out and said that he stands with Ray Fisher, I really wonder if they aren’t giving details due to the ongoing investigation. It’s really suspect that the studio released information to distract from the investigation (News that Jason is going to play frosty the snowman). The studio also announced that Affleck is returning as Batman the same day Fisher announced the investigation. These could all be coincidence, but now that Jason has come out and supported Ray, I’m starting to think there really is something to it. I’ll wait and see what happens, but I am excited about all of the DC content coming out. I really hope they do it right this time.

    • LotusFlower

      Sorry, one more thought. With Halloween approaching have any of you heard of or played Phasmophobia? My husband and I started playing it on steam and it’s extremely immersive. It’s a co-op game where you hunt ghosts in different haunted houses (maps vary) and you have to collect information to find out what kind of entity is haunting the house and survive. It’s fun and scary at the same time.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello everyone,

    This isn’t Nerd related per se, but it is related to the comment from the last episode. I can’t remember who mentioned Kristoff St. John when discussing the light skin men typically cast in roles, but hearing his name made me both smile because of the mention, and sad. Mr. St. John, spiraled into depression following his son’s death and he committed suicide. He never got to be that true elder statesman of acting that he could have been. Despite this, his impact was felt, his co-stars, men and women, cried openly talking about him and the powers that be at his show were so rocked, they put aside their over a decade long feud with Victoria Rowell to have her in their sendoff special to St. John. I think of this often when I see people on Twitter clowning Black men (that was definitely not what The Nerd Off was doing) who talk about getting help for mental stability. Far too few Black people, and even fewer Black men get the help they need.

    Well, now that I have added a dark cloud over your collective skies, I’ll sign off.

    • Felix

      Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope you’re all doing good. Big congrats on the Spotify deal Rod and Karen. With all the bad stuff happening this year it always warms my heart to see folks prospering. I started listening to you guys after you guested on the Insanity check in 2014 and didn’t realize you had your own podcast until a few month later haha. I remember that time being surrounded by gamergate folks and hoteps in my online circles and feeling like I was being gaslit from all sides and finding refuge in the insanity check and finding so many other awesome podcasts from there. You lot deserve so much love and I’m glad you’re getting it.

      I must say, I’m beyond excited Jonathan Majors’ chest has been cast in Antman 3. Hopefully they confirm its as Kang. With how much of a dick he’s turning out to be on Lovecraft Country these last few episodes I can definitely see it. Hopefully he also gets the customary marvel shirtless scene. Doctor strange was sorely missing it and that’s a large part of why I turned my nose up at it.

      Onto other news, just something that made me laugh out of exhaustion after last episode. I bought the first book of the series Dan and Dave are making into a show for netflix since I’ve heard good stuff about it and I need some new sci-fi in my life while I take a break from the expanse books and wouldn’t you know it, the author of “The Three Body Problem” is apparently trash and has supported the Chinese governments activities when it pertains to people currently in internment. I literally just wanted to see the dudes wiki page to see what else he’d written and the first paragraph just mentions that as an aside after all the awards this dude has. Here I was being mildly indignant after you clowned me a couple episodes ago and I had the clown makeup on the whole time haha. The book is good but I’ll buy the followups used so I don’t feel as bad in my spirit lol.

      In regards to the Supergirl news, I’m sad it’s ending next season because it was truly my favourite of the CW shows since it started and it’s joyful and I feel like it’s joyful and hopeful nature rubbed off on me. Gonna miss it immensely but I’m happy we got 6 seasons. I’m kinda salty a superman show is gonna get going off its back but I don’t hate the cast on that so hopefully it keeps that vibe going for me.

      I finished black lightning season 3 recently also and looooved it. By the end of the season the show really hit a new high. Gravedigger is so dope as a villain and they did not skimp on the shirtless Khalil scenes so shout-out to them haha. Also that gravedigger Vs Khalil fight has to be a top 10 arrowverse fight man, with that Anderson paak song playing too, man that was a whole vibe. Hope Lynn gets off those drugs next season though, would hate for a black British acting goddess to stay in that place for too long.

      Last thing, that star wars squadrons game messed about and put my favourite star wars character, grand admiral rae Sloane in there. It’s a ship battle game so it can only do so much but seeing her in her dark skinned villainous glory was insane. The actress is one of the few black Americans I’ve heard do a top notch British accent. I can tell she modelled the voice on black Brits and not the dialect folks usually go with like the generic white londoner accent. Shout-out to that actress and the developers for being so details oriented, they even had her streak of gray hair since this is set right before the aftermath trilogy of books. A shame we’ll probably never see those books adapted in anyway. Would love for folks to see all her adventures but hopefully this is a start of something more for book characters like that. Also very happy to see Hera from rebels in there too, this continuity man. Love it. Would love for the movies to do a bit more in that regard one day. Alright, love y’all. Felix out.

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