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BDS 367: MAGA Mike Wallace

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Clippers get roasted, Chiefs fans boo “unity,” Mike Wallace suspended from NASCAR, Richard Sherman on boycotting games, Danuel House drama continues, Isaiah Washington DUI, KD on the Knicks, Conor McGregor sexual assault arrest, BLM protest in the NBA bubble, Kaepernick calls out NFL, Raptors fans make racist petition for Siakam, Nick Saban says all lives matter, Baker Mayfield reverses anthem protest, Aroldis Chapman may have shit himself, Jeff Allen calls out Chiefs fanbase, Rajon Rondo brother kicked out of game, John Wall throwing up gang signs, Tom Brady pre-game sex, Raul Neto exposed by IG model, Tim Tebow charged 50k for church appearances, BJ Foster quits in middle of the game, Odell Beckham Jr doo-doo update, Giannis, Panthers Spanish language broadcaster goes full MAGA, Dan McNeil fired again, Lewis Hamilton a real one, Elin sells mansion, Maya Moore gets married, Big Ten is back, most of LSU’s football team had Covid, 9ers fans get racist in the dms, Mike Ditka being racist, Drew Brees was crying, Floyd Mayweather vs Jake Paul, Steelers protest goes wrong, Houston radio show argument, Carson Wentz petition, Chiefs fan had Covid at the game, woman sues University of Wisconsin and Vanessa Bryant claps back at LA country sheriff.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JFL Talking Head,

    I hope all is good y’all.

    I fully expected Baker Mayfield to hit the field on Thursday and look like complete garbage. And y’all, Baker was out there looking not-bad at football! Hell, he was forsaking the rest of the receiving corps to throw to Odell Beckham! The Browns looked like a team that could maybe be *mediocre* one day.

    I can’t quit the Browns cuz any time I think I’m out on them, the minute I have fun watching them I ain’t just back on the wagon. I’m driving the goddamn wagon myself! Browns are a team of historic levels of failure, embarrassment and futility that spits in the face of the law of averages. Bomani Jones might talk about kicking that narcotic, but what about those us who are functional addicts, hmm? I say all that to say: Falcons fans, nobody understands y’all better than us Browns fans. We ain’t that different. Granted, the Browns have never scored 39 points, had 0 turnovers and then lost a game. Thank you for breaking that ground so when the Browns do something similar, the heat won’t be as hot.

    Did y’all see that Monday Night game? Russy and Cam were fucking *ballin* all night! Shouts out to every NFL flapping head that would rather be mystified about how Cam Newton “suddenly” played great than admit that 1) Racism and 2) Belichick seems like a genius most of the time cuz he’s one of like 5 coaches (Pete Carrol another one) who wouldn’t even entertain starting Jarrett Stidham if Cam is health, let alone having a QB battle. What’d y’all think seeing a healthy Cam out there with help?

    I hope y’all have a great and safe weekend. Thanks as always for the great shows and cheers to Rod for another lap around the sun!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. kauzimiwani

    Loord give me the confidence of a white man called Herro. This guy’s face can’t even grow a beard and his confidence is off the roof. I mean one look at him and I said to myself his girl has to be … and yes Katya Elise Henry definitely is goddamn fine!! To think that this 20 year old on a rookie contract had the confidence to publicly shoot his shot on IG and seal the deal. Please invite him to the cookout, you know for damn sure he is the type to bring a deck of cards for spade.

    Secondly, shout out to YBN Cordae for almost forgetting he wasn’t in the hood when posing for the photo at the US Open.

    Finally, shout out to all the analysts suddenly deciding that Cam Newton is a good QB

    love the show, keep up the good work.

  3. fyahworks


    Greetings Rod Karen and JFL mask-less coaches.

    Can you smell the white privilege mixed with Astro turf? Some laughed at Andy Reid with the face guard, especially when it fogged up. But week 2 of the nfl season was definitely forgettable. The list of season ending injuries looked long like the scroll moses got from the mountain top. So many players are already done for the season, causing people’s fantasy teams to do a complete overhaul already. Then to make matters worse, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton, John gruden, and a host of others was out there on the sideline with chin straps or no masks at all and it cost them 100k. I guess one can applaud the nfl for a high fine to show they are taking covid seriously. Shame on these coaches for feeling they are above the rules though. Is belichick letting cam Newton dress him? Ya boy pulls up to a press conference in a pats sweatshirt full of holes. That’s not the belichick Tom Brady knows and loves.

    In other news, Gordon Hayward, probably was better off leaving the bubble(again) to be there for the birth of his child. Miami probably got this in 5. He wasn’t gonna be an X factor anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Fyahworks out

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jy Lawson 

    Sterling tried to tell y’all that cism in China is real, but my man got banned for LIFE?! Cold world. They’ll let you ball, but you can’t start messing with the women. Not even Starbury played himself like that. Still he got off lucky that they didn’t try to stomp his ass out like Georgetown when they went over there. If there’s anything we know about China is they don’t take disrespect no matter how small from outsiders.
    Still he didn’t have as bad a week as Tyrod Taylor. We find out Draya dropping hints on IG that she’s with him, and he immediately gets hurt and probably lost his spot to the rookie white boy. And not just got hurt, but got stabbed in the damn lung by the team doctor. I didn’t know Rod’s Black QB agenda was spreading that strong across the league. 

    Meanwhile my 49ers lost half the damn roster playing on that janky turf in the Meadowlands against the Jets and now we gotta come right back and play the Giants. And I bet not hear Justin start running with more of his lies. Missing more of these slanderous shots than Kyle Kuzma.

    Alright y’all have a great week, appreciate the dope shows as always and Happy Birthday Rod! Hope it was a great one man, you deserve it. 

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