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2202: Are We Done Yet?

Rod and Karen discuss biases in the gig economy, their voting process, random thoughts, Coronavirus News, rent a full AMC theater, Leslie Jones, Snoop Dogg votes for the first time, R Kelly was beaten up in jail, Cardi back with Offset, Twitter suspends fake Black Trump accounts, Steve McQueen on Black films, Robert Smith has to pay IRS, Ice Cube used by Trump, Diddy starts new political party and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mawnty

    Karen never relenting about not letting Rod rent out a theater to watch Pootie Tang by himself was hilarious. Did she say she would slash the car tires? LMAO!
    I think it’s tempting to think of being in a movie theater again but for me it will require so much more mental preparation than it does for me to go on the subway. And that’s already like a Mission Impossible style plan.
    Maybe I’ll be ready in 2022. Sigh.

  2. EvieE

    There is no early voting in my state ( Pennsylvania) but you can request a mail in ballot and drop it off at an official drop box. I got my ballot last week, filled it out and dropped it off in the drop box this past Monday. I even got a sticker. I was walking around smelling myself like that little on girl Dr Phil. “I’m not like the rest of you negroes”
    It felt great getting that email confirmation that my vote has been received and recorded because I don’t want the problems people who vote on the third are gonna face.

    I urge all my fellow Pennsylvanians to early vote. You can make appointments at some elections offices and get your ballot right there fill it out and turn it in right there. You don’t want those problems on the 3rd and this being a battleground state the republicans will be up to their tricks

  3. Kemdoc

    Andrew Gillum had the absolute perfect response to reaching out to the black men on Bakari Sellers’ Ringer podcast. Tough love and correction at the same time. Exactly what I needed to hear. If you have three minutes check out this tweet that includes the video. Not sure you can play it, but I just really enjoyed this framing of the topic.



    What Ice Cube is doing with his CWBA plan pretty much illustrates why I don’t he’s a smart person. His interviews with Roland Martin & Chris Cuomo pretty much told me what he’s all about. Him coming into these proceedings now is a stunt. When you do nothing but regurgitate talking points from ADOS, Anti-semitism & hoteps, I can’t help but see it for what it is. His heart isn’t in the right place, since his contract is mainly for a certain subsection of black folks, anyway. Black trans, black children & black women aren’t considered, either.

    If anything, I felt pretty bad for Alicia Garza trying to talk to him & the only she got out of it was a contact, which even Martin dropped the ball on that. She’s been doing the work &, essentially, Cube ignored it. Even if he isn’t working for Trump, he is a proxy for it, which is enough info for me. A coon gone coon.

  5. BigGbengTheory

    So where can I listen to that Black Capitalist drop? That song is fire!!!

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