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#Walking FTWD: Season 6: 04: The Key

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. pretty tomboy

    Hey ya’ll! I’m here lol. You definitely aren’t on this ride alone. Thank you for the recaps. You guys do a great job.

    Now if I’m not mistaken Tom is the white dude who got all excited on the bridge and fell to his death on camera. I cackled so hard at that scene.

    Now this episode was really good. I love me some John and I’m glad he’s back on the show. Strand getting mollywhopped was hilarious. And sayonara to that white dudes guts. Morgan sliced and diced the fuk out of both those dudes. Gotta say Morgan gave them a chance but they were extra confident for no reason. Now if they were the ones to give the group under the stairs () the bubonic plague i wonder how that’ll come into play.

    Anyways looking forward to the next grown and sexy recap. Enjoy your week!

  2. Sean

    The most interesting quote of the episode [John talking to Rabbi Jacob about the cult leader / serial killer] {~33:57} “. . .really, he was just some two-bit mortician spouting on about death and new beginnings. . .”
    Has anyone misplaced an embalmed walker somewhere? Is it near the “The End is the Beginning” tag?

    It sounds like this season is trying to make John much more central. In addition, with Salazar’s spying, Strand’s long game, Morgan’s bounty hunting, and an extension to the story of Dwight’s reunification, the roles of the male characters have been set. Have the female characters (other than Al (a little) and Ginny) been forgotten?

  3. Tootietaurus

    Hi Rod & Karen… Well, Fear is 4/4! Season 6 has been great so far. I feel bad for John. He tried so hard to do the right thing. The Rabbi and Strand knew it was a lost cause. As for June, she was mad sketchy when we were first introduced to her so I doubt she’ll judge John for keeping silent about why Virginia gave him a promotion. Everyone will have dirty hands before long. Thanks for the recap! ~Karena

  4. JorjaMae

    Tom was her brother- the dude who died on the way to the Gulch…I was disappointed in this episode. John until this point was written as an open-hearted but not stupid man. Jenny made it clear that she wanted to sweep that murder under the rug; so he should have known that digging around was going to get someone killed. I don’t think the show did enough to explain why a man like John would act this way or trust Jenny, although I can understand him playing the cop role to survive and protect others.
    On the ending- I don’t think John is complicit with Jenny, I just think he feels responsible for what happened and backed into a corner now that June is here. I also don’t think June is the type of person who would mistrust John since she sees through bullshit and she knows Jenny is full of it.
    They did so well with Morgan first two episodes, I hope they get back to it…. The ending was pretty interesting.

    • JorjaMae

      Oh and thank yall for putting me on to FTWD and The 100. Its kept me calm through this election. FTWD is so good when binged and combined with your recaps.

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