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2212: Immigration And Customs Enforcement Cube

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian J-L Cauvin to discuss his comedy career, Everything’s Fine, the upcoming election, voting, Trump, Black McDonald’s franchisees dealing with racism, TN voters challenged at polls over t-shirts, man car jacks a taxi with 3 month old baby, man steals cigarettes and sprite, cops busted escorting drugs and sword ratchetness.

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  1. digal704

    It wasn’t an option but all them niggas gotta go. Love the episode. I really enjoy J-L. I love his humor.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Another fantastic episode featuring J-L as the guest. My only comment besides the three of you were dead-on in your discussion is, I just don’t get how Sarah Cooper is a thing. Didn’t Milli Vanilli get run out of the music business on a rail for lip syncing? How is this act being lauded as actual comedy? It really does come across to me as a slap in the face to comedians who spend years/decades honing their skills.

  3. Anne

    Watched the Sarah Cooper show. It’s okay. Not laugh out loud funny but not awful either. The lip sync parts were stupid.

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