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2214: The New Cleavage

Rod and Karen talk about fear, Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, epic Walmart quitting, Lil Wayne loses his girlfriend, people kicked off plane playing games, TikTok deep fake porn, Dr. Dre divorce news, Black Capitalists, woman attacks her father over weed, man asks woman to grab his junk, old man wilds out at the Village Inn and sword ratchetness.
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  1. EvieE

    I’m not sure how anyone is surprised about Lil Wayne, he’s been a coon. And he tapped danced for nothing cause his boy lost.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen! Hey Rod!

    On episode 2214, you mentioned DC deciding not to send the kids back to school. That decision was ‘community based’ indeed!

    The teachers legally refused. DC told teachers that they needed to be available to come back in person OR take a leave of absence. It was done in a survey back in September by asking a question that kind of went like., “Can you return IN PERSON or will you take a leave of absence?”

    The Washington Teachers Union stepped in. That survey was seen as DC Public Schools trying to negotiate without going through the union. The union took it to court and the ruling was FOR them. That was only for the first group of kids scheduled to return (a small subset of pre-K through 5).

    There was a second set of pre-K through 5 who were scheduled to start 7-9 days later than the first group. These kids were supposed to show up to school buildings, computers in hand, and sit in a classroom while their certified teacher was off-site teaching them as well as teaching kids who were still at home. Who would be ‘watching’ the kids in those classes? SOMEONE WHO WAS NOT A TEACHER. In other words, folks who just happened not to be in unions. They couldn’t find or FORCE enough people willing to do it.

    Lastly, this was NOT something parents demanded. Kids were selected to participate and parents were given the choice to take the seat or keep their kids at home. A lot of them were rightfully like, “Naw! Lil Johnny ain’t bringing the Covid back up in this house!”

    DC isn’t the only place where this is going down this way. But leadership has to save face or risk a very public battle with the unions. Bottom line: Strong unions are saving lives. Weak unions are putting people at risk and lying to the community about exposure in those schools. Where there are no unions, folks are screwed!


    A Pro-Union, Pro-Parent and Pro-Teacher TBGWT Listener

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