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PG 262: Cold In The Middle

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss AirPods, Justin getting an Air Fryer, Karen “loves” the Instapot, election talk, annoying liberals, watching TV, listener feedback and Pregame News.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rob, Karen and Justin Raniere,

    Thanks for the NXLM documentary on Starz. I’ve watched a few episodes and I keep thinking about how punch-able Keith Raniere. Shout out to Ricky Rozay for fighting against them. I kept chuckling about the fictional Dr. Rick Alan Ross’s playlist as he responded to the numerous lawsuits from NXIVM.

    Here’s his Spotify playlist:

    • Hustlin’
    • I’m not a Star
    • Freemason (literally about Cult shit)
    • Blowin Money Fast (He’s love spending them Seagram girl’s money)
    • 911
    • Scientology
    • The Devil is A Lie
    • War Ready
    • Act a Fool (Those classes they took was wild AF)
    • Stay Schemin (Keith always had something up his sleeve)

    Anyway, Great week of shows with Dominic and Kev on Stage.

    Hold it down.

    Mikey T

    PS. yall look good in that elusive Black and Green. Black Capitalism y’all!!!!!!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Kare,

    So me and my husband has been married for almost 8 years. One constant in his life has been your podcast, he is a premium member and proud of it. I try to think of little personalized things every year to do for him(Normally buy you guys T-Shirts and Merch). So I was thinking this morning maybe I can get his favorite podcast people to give him a shout out! His birthday is November 13. I know I’m only giving y’all about two day notice but on a Hail Mary you get this, I decided to try.

    Dion is an amazing husband and an even better father. I love him beyond words. I can’t think of a better guy to take a few minutes of your time out to wish a happy birthday. Thanks in advance for providing my husband with laughter and endless entertainment(because he will re-listen to old episodes).

    Thanks guys in advance and wishing y’all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

    Mrs. Butler

  3. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J woooooooooow

    Hope the week has been good to you guys!
    I must say this weeks regular shows was podcast gold! Dom is becoming a fav of mine. The more I hear him the more I enjoy, and yes I’m subscribed to mind of dom. You guys did not get rich and switch and I love it!

    Just got word that Atlanta season 3 & 4 are ready to go and Donald Glover is saying they are the best yet! I can’t wait!

    Have you guys ever seen queen of the south? It comes on USA and of course the upcoming season got delayed due to the “co co”(my new slang for covid) but if you guys haven’t or anyone listening looking for a show to binge, check it out, it’s on Netflix.

    Lastly what were your guys thoughts on SNL with Dave chapelle? He is my problematic fav! I loved the uncle Ben/aunt jemima skit. And since when can you say “nigga” on nbc? Was it because it’s late night or maybe because I was watching on Hulu! But Dave had them N words flying during skits and the monologue like the bald eagle!

    You guys have a great weekend!

    Fyahworks out

  4. rodimusprime

    What up yall, Mike Mallory here.

    So, I finished up both NXIVM documentaries and, while I think the Starz version is more entertaining, I think that watching both was very educational. I’m a sucker for a good cult documentary because it’s crazy how a charismatic leader can manipulate people and have them eating out of the palms of his hands.

    For a couple weeks I had been trying to get my boy to watch the show, then when news dropped that Keith Raniere got over a hundred years in prison, my friend asked me why and how he could get so much time. That’s when it hit me… Despite how many hours I invested in learning about this cult, I really couldn’t explain. Maybe I missed it, maybe I spent too much time blaming the victims. I can see how what Keith did was fucked up, but I don’t see how it’s illegal.

    He basically took advantage of some gullible, mostly white, people. There was the one girl who was “held captive”, but she was in an unlocked room. There was one lady who accused Keith of having underage sex with her, but they just left it at that. There were no details given and the doc never made a big deal out of it.

    Anyways… it coulda just been me. I was trying so hard to have compassion for them people but I was so annoyed with them. I just kept shaking my head like, “why won’t they just leave??? He ain’t nobody!!!”

    Love the show. Peace yall


  5. nahan87

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    First off love the pre-game. Yall recommend some great shows but I haven’t heard if you’ve seen Hamilton. I wasn’t sure I would like it because it’s a musical but it’s one of the few things that has a lot of hype around it that is rightfully deserved. The music is really good. Would be interested to hear yall’s take on it.


  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod , Karen and Justin,

    If you get the chance, you might want to check out the PBS documentary, “Driving While Black.” As people who enjoyed Lovecraft Country, and documentary lovers, it might be right up you alley. It shows why driving and car ownership is so important to Black people even in the face of the inherent danger of Driving while Black in America. It’s about two hours, but the time flew by.

    • ClassicRandBLover

      I accidentally hit submit when I moved my cursor. I just wanted to add, there are moments when the documentary is definitely a hard watch, but it is extremely informative. As a New Yorker, I love when the racist shit that goes on in the place I like to refer to as “Up South” has light shed upon it.

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