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BDS 373: Flag On The Play

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Coyotes renounce draft pick rights, Jack Nicklaus supports Trump, Bubba Wallace new car design, NBA starting in December, Yaya Mayweather pregnant with NBA Youngboy’s baby, Aldrick Rosas suspended, Antonio Brown living with Brady, Trent Brown hospitalized, Richard Heckman passes, Adrien Broner jailed, Covid on the NFL necks, Channing Crowder on taxes, Louisville game moved, Harden pursued by 6ers, Golden Tate TD celebration, Anna Horford on the election, Richelle Ryan visit college baseball team, Lebron pleads for help to solve a murder, Brett Favre loves Trump, Rachel Bush rages over the election, Cowboys players harassed on the Gram, Pouncey supports Trump, Herro trade rumor, Chris Collingsworth offensive video surfaces, NFL play-offs, ESPN lay-offs amid Sunday Night Football bidding, Steph Curry thirst, Lamar Odom engagement called off, Dak Prescott girlfriend costume, Jon Jones chases robbery suspect and Alexander Zverev denies abuse allegations.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What is good with y’all Rod, Queen Karen and JCAA football,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Wow. Who, I ask, who could’ve possibly guessed that pretending the Rona ain’t pop locking in these streets could’ve affected college football? Every time I’ve tried watching a game, they pan out to a half full stadium and I just can’t. Notre Dame upsetting Clemson should be noteworthy for football reasons but instead all I can think of is them letting those damn students rush the field. Half the SEC slate this weekend has been postponed and I hate that I was right that football ain’t smart enough to contain this virus. And football is like this cuz football is a reflection of America, sadly.

    Did y’all those Philly Gentrification Celebration jerseys with “TPP (Trust The Process)” on the front? And that the Sixers president, Chris Heck, not only doesn’t like “Philly” as a term cuz he thinks it’s lazy but he also *hates* the classic black Sixers jerseys from AI’s heyday? What level of caucasity is it to hate those black Sixers jerseys but take pride in having your squad dressed like cement interstate pillars in a tribute to fucking Rocky? Yeah, I didn’t know this til now but those clinical depression grey Philly uniforms were based off Rocky’s sweatsuit.

    All this fuckery at once on a team that is proudly putting their motto, “We Work Harder To Lose In the 2nd Round”, er, my mistake, “Trust The Process” on their jersey. Front office got Daryl Morey, got a tall DeBarge brother than can’t shoot and a fake tough guy at center. I love The Mind of Dom Podcast, but how does this nigga rationalize all this?! I’m Browns fan and it don’t make sense! This math ain’t mathing. The Knicks being bad is an institution to the sport of basketball but when will the Sixers get credit for working so goddamn hard swing between intentionally being sorry (with the *nerve* to be proud about it) and making swift 2nd round exits. If Allen Iverson never happened, they’re basically the Clippers in worse weather, right?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable weekend. Thank you as always.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. La Russa

    Y’all said my man wouldn’t be up to speed with the modern game, but looks like he hit the swerve on y’all ass! You mean Mr. Law & Order don’t being a distraction manager was out here racking up DUIs? Well I’ll declare! The tea party supporting, anti-Immigration, All Lives Matter drunk uncle managing a baseball team 10 years after he retired because he’s friends with the Owner? What could possibly go wrong? 

    But I gotta give a shout out to Dan Le Batard this week. His producer on the radio show got fired as part of those ESPN layoffs, but Dan stepped up, hired him as his personal assistant and even gave him a raise. Pockets straight! It sucks he even had to do that, but Dan is a real one.  

    Appreciate all y’all, and stay safe. Keep flexing on the broke boi with your Apple watch and airpods Karen!

  3. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Javis Jelce,

    Did this nigga Travis get back with Kayla Nicole??? I’ve been seeing her in IG stories in chiefs gear again. Granted no pics have hit her timeline though.

    It will be great to see an NBA team go back to the White House if they do chose.

    Have a good one,

  4. fyahworks

    Good day rod Karen and J steve Cohen

    Yea the new billionaire owner of the Mets who swept the rug from under a rod and jlo might deserve an invite to the cook out rod! He says he is all for players protesting and yea, black lives do matter! Even though his team is full of latinX players!

    Justin if going to the staples center for a laker game was on your Christmas list, well you gonna have to take a rain check because the lakers will NOT be having you negros ok the building this upcoming season. I won’t if the same will go for clippers fans.

    So meanwhile in Houston, there was talks of harden and Westbrook unhappy with the team and wanting to leave. That quickly turned into harden is “locked in” and westbrook wants to be on the next thing smoking out of town. My belief is the 2 can coexist successfully as two alpha males. And Russ even said he wants to be a floor general or his definition of one ( a Chuck) so I guess they gonna end up trading (or Atleast trying ) for picks or multiple players due to that huge contract. Even the Knicks are hesitant or him and cp3 Because of how much they have to give up in return. Meanwhile okc is like “that’s y’all problem now”! My question is where could you see him ending up? Also Cp3 says he don’t wanna play for the lakers so where y’all see him ending up?

    Have a great weekend!

    Fyahworks out

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