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LSG 41: Imaginary Restaurants

We’re still doing these in the pandemic? Looks like we are! We’re back for some more Lip Smacking Good! In our Spicy News segment we talk about the demise of the Mexican Pizza, Yelp racism alerts, Wendy’s breakfast menu, Chipotle fined for child labor violations, beehive theft, Blue Bell CEO charged with conspiracy, Starbucks reusable cups, America’s favorite Thanksgiving sides, Cheesecake Factory ain’t got the 5, restaurants that don’t exist and Thanksgiving Covid guidelines. For Meals Of The Week we talk about some Food Trucks we visited. Bleu Barn Bistro, Another?! Food Truck and Screamery Creamery. Then we get into Cook Dat Nigga where Rod AND Karen both discuss some meals they created in the kitchen.

No feedsmack this week but we know you only had 10 months to write in😂. Thank you for listening! Talk to you soon!

The Spice Suite

Blue Barn Bistro

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Another!? Food Truck

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Screamery Creamery

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    I loved this episode of LSG. I saved it to listen to as a treat while doing other work and it helped me get through my task with a smile on my face. I love this podcast and hope you can find a way to do another one in the age of Coronavirus.

  2. Tiggettcr

    Karen we have a local spice shop on south Blvd called Savory and Spice they have seasoning from all over the world. I believe they have a site where you can order during Covid


  3. Tiggettcr

    Yayyy we back!!! I luh LSG!


  4. Tootietaurus

    Hi Rod and Karen, I’ve been premium for a couple of years but I am a first time listener of LSG. Enjoyed the content and now I’m hungry. Suddenly these Rice Krispies don’t look so appealing LOL. Take care, Karena

  5. jswilliams800

    So glad LSG is back! Any types of food you guys want to try (maybe within the next year because of the ‘rona’ ) that you’ve never tried before?

  6. NatashaP

    Awwwww yeah! We byke baby!!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the triumphant return of LSG! Now I need to get some goodies from the spice suite post haste.

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