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2222: #SundayCivics

Rod and Karen are joined by political strategist and host of Sunday Civics L. Joy Williams to discuss staying civically engaged, political strategy while campaigning, social media effecting how we discuss politics, the embellishment of the voting gender divide in the Black community, vote shaming, Trump not conceding yet, Democratic in-fighting, Hillary Clinton, being president of an NAACP chapter, the pandemic effecting the economy and parents during the pandemic.

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  1. Kemdoc

    I thoroughly enjoyed the discourse of this episode. Made me subscribe to their podcast. As I take my victory lap around the podisphere I’ve really enjoyed all of the celebratory episodes folks had. What a time! Listening to Sunday Civics and Rod on Three Guys On when the race was called has brought laughs and true joy back to the moment

  2. shanna

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Loved this episode and it was great to hear L. Joy Williams Political Strategist again! I really appreciated when she said “is this person feeding me or am I feeding their analytics?” That was a quick moment but so powerful. Especially on Twitter, I’ve started to screenshot tweets that I know people just want to use to start controversy or up their engagement. I’m trying not to contribute to your quote tweets or retweets. And even for folks I mostly agree with, I’ve been taking the time to take inventory and see if they’re really deserving of that follow. My block hand can be strong on occasion but it’s very necessary. Anyway, just wanted to comment. I was on vacation so I’m getting caught up on podcasts and I love catching up with y’all. You can let Spotify know that I’m on the app just for y’all. Peace.


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