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SMR 303: Mulan

Rod and Karen review the live action remake of Disney’s “Mulan.” We also discuss your feedback on “Project Power.”



    For a film that felt well represented for a pretty solid cast, Mulan is just a hollow movie. Not terrible, but certainly not a good film. The fights just don’t have potent weight to them. I don’t want to use the excuse of it being a Disney film, cuz Disney & studios within the Disney umbrella have done more intense scenes, MPAA ratings be damned. There’s something missing with how things transpired here & it certainly needed to be more visceral in its physicality, but it wasn’t. I did like the acting, but it’s not enough.

  2. TheFirebrand

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Its Ashanti, Long time no see. I listened to your review of Mulan and I too was underwhelmed by this film. Since I watched it early on, I checked out Chinese reviewers on Youtube who critiqued the film and they said watch this instead bc Disney bullshitting.


    And were right!

    My nigga. Mikey Mouse need his ass whooped for this bullshit. The 2009 film has emotion, pathos, blood, battles and my bitch Mulan leading 20,000 niggas in formation! Give it a watch if u get time.

    (If you have a funimation acct the English Dub is accessible.)

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