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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss missing basketball, Put A Ring On It, more Will Smith talk, Obama on Defund, social media, Karen taking time off work, getting gift cards, the Black Friday sale, show vacation, The Dating Show Killer, Reasonable Doubt, Fargo listener feedback and local news.


  1. TheUndeniableVixen

    Hey ya’ll. I hope I’m responding to the right week but I’m a little behind. I wanted to comment on the need to take vacation or PTO time. I have vacation the week after Thanksgiving but my WFH (Work from Home) is my dining room area. So basically I’m sitting on my sofa and I can still see two monitors. Ugh, this isn’t vacation when I can see and hear it updating. My job wants you to keep everything on and lock the computer. I’m already pissed off because I’m never in the country but Rona is lurking outside. After ya’ll talking about take time off I decided to unplug so I can feel like I’m not at work. It’s so important to take off time and ALL your time. I realized that mental break included my work space being out of sight and out of mind. I appreciate that discussion.

  2. Kemdoc

    I just ran across this. What should happen to this coach? Trigger warning for violence against kids.


    Sadly a lot of coaches conduct themselves this way.


  3. Kemdoc

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jez Bryant,

    I feel like Dez wouldn’t have been going crazy in Twitter if he got Covid next week. Something about needing to ball all over the trash ass Cowboys and missing the game sent him spiraling. He must have circled that game over and over on his calendar. I feel him though. He wanted to prove something against them in particular. Hopefully he bounces back. That level of spiraling was tough to see.

    I remember when Melo got the contract for the Knicks years ago when people wanted him to sign with the Bulls. Seeing the money these players are getting now his contract was a bargain. This amount of money is insane. I’m not giving Paul George $45.2 million a year. For. What? Don’t like him. I don’t even care. And this is random but what ever happened to Roy Hibbert??

    Why bother playing the NBA season. The league is in utter shambles. The Lakers gonna win. Who cares. John Wall going to Houston to play with who?? I feel like it’s a lot of players that force a trade out of one mediocre situation to end up creating a mediocre situation elsewhere. That will be the case with Harden if he finds a way to Philly. I don’t like the Nets but I do want to see how they look and if it’s finna work or be an unmitigated disaster.

    Finally, have you seen some of these UFC knockouts? My goodness. These men and women are really doing damage to themselves. The refs don’t be diving in to stop the fight quick enough. There’s no telling how much brain injury occurs when you are clearly knocked out cold and still someone is allowed two to four clean hammer fists before they’re pulled off of you. It’s really tough to watch.

    Have a great weekend y’all!

  4. Kemdoc

    Greetings Rod, Karen my love, and Jevin Jates,

    So I was taking a mental health break from work and ran across this wild shyt on IG. Somebody come get Kevin Gates out the paint. Is it just me or is he looking kinda sassy in this video?? Lol. Suede the Remix Gawd got ahold of this clip of him and went crazy. Link below. This a bop outta nowhere lol. Not the break I expected but it’s what I got I guess. I saw it so y’all niggas gotta see it lol.


    In bytchassness news: How long until Torey Lanez stops being a bytch ass nigga and just let’s it go with Meg? Omg nigga go back to the sewers. The subtweets and sub IG stories are corny and disgusting as Fukk for someone that perpetuated violence against her. He’s acting like he’s a stand up nigga that got cheated on with his bullshyt. I’ve never seen someone have a year like his. Yuck.

    I like the Red Table talk when it’s the family. Not the outside bullshyt. I don’t have faith that that white cheating scandal girl was social distancing like that to be let into their home. Lol. I assume she’s taking Covid as serious as all the other influencers and Doja Cat. Anyway, I recently watched the Father’s Day episode and I was in tears the entire time. Will Smith is one hell of a father. You love to see it.

    Be safe and take care during the Chri’mas season

  5. kauzimiwani

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin as we get to the end of another year just wanted to say thank you for the premium content. As a first year premium member I must say that the show has been a God send in the middle of this Covid pentatonic.

    So I have been keeping myself busy and distracting my mind with TV shows and man oh man Warriors on Cinemax was an absolute treat. This show is sooo good, like the opening credits get me all pumped up feeling like I know some Kung fu moves!! I hope there is a season 3 man.

    The other show I have been watching is reruns of Sanford and Son and man oh man Fred is so out of pocket, roasting Aunt Esther left right and Center, this one exchange had me laughing so hard its a good thing I work remotely:

    Esther: You can’t get me down Fred Sanford, I have the feeling of Christmas
    Fred: And the face of halloween!!

    Keep up the good work and congratulations for a great year.

  6. rodimusprime

    Welcome back Karen and Rod,

    On the Pre-Game show you mentioned how most politicians have eschewed “Defund” language, including Warren, Bernie and Obama. I’ll take it a step further. You know who else avoids the phrase? The same people who use it constantly on Twitter!!

    Here’s an example: Los Angeles just passed Measure J which is essentially a Defund the Police bill to change LA’s budgeting to better fund social services and reduce policing etc. Local activists had a huge role in shaping the bill and building the coalition to support it and sell it to voters. Alot of these activists are very vocal online about how everyone should use the literal words “Defund the Police” and will argue with anyone who suggests otherwise but…when it came time to actually build the promotional website and ads, guess how many times they used that phrase? Zero. So when it comes time to make the smart political move, with success/failure on the line, EVEN THEY realize the phrasing can alienate people. Which makes the online posturing so much more performative. It’s ironic because these are the same people who write lengthy twitter screeds about white fragility and how white voters will use all kinds of excuses to avoid any oversight or accountability of the police (both of which are absolutely true) but then those truths go right out the window when anyone suggests that political messaging should be crafted to navigate those truths and prioritize actual victory rather than feeling righteous.

    When the topic of “Defund” came up here locally, one of my favorite Black woman organizers immediately said: “Nah. That shit won’t sell with White People. Let’s just push the same thing in different words.”

    We have a City Councilperson who is incredibly pro-police (we make Blue Lives jokes about him all the time, he’s that bad) but when the topic of Measure J came up, he was like “Oh this is a good idea. Police shouldn’t HAVE to do all this stuff. Let’s get to the root of these problems etc.” I’ve also met high ranking Law Enforcement Officers who told me that things like building reliable housing and funding mental health treatment for homeless and mentally ill people, is something that alot of his fellow officers would support because frankly, they’d rather be investigating crimes and they know that the homeless and mentally ill really need things that the police aren’t qualified to address. Which is just to say that even people who are about as pro-police as it gets show that they might be open to supporting the concept if it’s sold in the right way. The words can make a huge difference.

    Sorry for the long email. Hope y’all had a lovely week off.

    Love you both

  7. msmarysmile

    So nice to now have premium so I get to listen to you all while you’re on vacation!
    A black owned candle company I found was Southern Elegance Candle Company out of Raeford NC. Just ordered Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar. Delicious!

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