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TNO 162: The Investor Day Massacre

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, Disney Investor Day, WB moving all their movies to HBOMax, Deadpool 3, Black Lightning cancels, Black Panther sequel, Kid Quick, Transformers War For Cybertron, Microsoft app coming to TVs, Comcast limited data again, Lauren Ridloff will be Marvel’s first deaf hero, Read Dead online, Ray Fisher, Earth is closer to the Milky Way, smartwatch could fight against recurring nightmares, Ducktales canceled, Fear The Walking Dead renewed, Metal Gear Solid movie, Plastic Man movie rumor, Humble Bundle, Ava DuVernay, Twitch bans racist stuff, streamer gets death threats for checking up on diversity, Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, Winx white washing, IG and Facebook vanish mode, new Mass Effect announced, Hoops canceled, Twitch users could get hit with felonies and PS5 sales.

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  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. First of all, happy new year everyone. Praying for nothing but blessings for everyone this year. Last year while mostly trash was pretty great for me career wise so hopefully the year in general lines up to be positive in other aspects too.

    Ok first of all, I just about lost it at that winx club show. As an older brother, I definitely had to watch that with my sister growing up as we grappled for control over the TV remote lol. Seeing the mess they turned this live action version into I am disgusted. That show was so obsessed with sparkles, cute outfits and general positivity and diversity, that casting leaves me perplexed. They basically made all the non whites, white. Albeit the black girl is still there at least. and the outfits are so wack, that was like the one thing they couldn’t possibly mess up and they did. It’s not like folks actually watched this show for the story. Honestly…

    I’m kinda mad the new mass effect doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a sequel to Andromeda. I hate when publishers capitulate to whiny ass “gamersâ„¢” like this. I am excited to see the original cast and everything but still annoying. I will say However, the new dragon age has me excited. The gamers paying less attention to that franchise at least means they have a little more leeway to try new stuff everytime. Especially with how great dragon age inquisition was. Excited to see what bioware do with that.

    Onto other stuff, so much stuff came out in December it was hard to keep up sometimes. We basically watched movies nonstop the entire time. Wonder woman 1984 I kinda liked but man was that shit too long, I was mad as hell when I thought it was about to get to the 3rd act then I realised there was another hour left, like fuck off DC we don’t need 3 hour superhero movies, goddamn. Soul was great but I did kinda feel a way about certain aspects. Not enough to make me not love it tho. I tried to watch tenet now that it’s out but man i almost fell asleep after 40 minutes and nothing of interest happening. I didn’t finish it. We ended up watching and enjoying Spies in Disguise and the Dora the Explorer movie way more lol. Those movies were real fun.

    Onto TV, That mandalorian finale was 10/10 even with that iffy cgi on that one character. Then the expanse came out swinging. I’m so glad they are doing week to week this season. Bingeing last season kinda killed the discourse around the show I really enjoyed. They are being Hella efficient with the storytelling this season too. I was thinking it’d take a while to get to the real drama this season but they condensed the hell outta the 1st 3rd of book 5 and we in it now. Gotta love showrunners who know how to condense without removing entire sections of the book. Next, I binged the crown season 4 in a day with a cup of tea in hand. Not gonna go too into it cuz I’m tryna eventually get my citizenship here lol. Star Trek discovery has been great. I love how my guy from Supergirl just hangs on the ship now. May his sexy ass never leave lol. Can I just say, what an upgrade from micheals last boyfriend. ♥️

    Lastly, I watched Bridgerton in a day also. Say what you will about Shondaland shows but shout-out to her for giving every black in London that hasn’t moved to the US (yet) jobs man. Seeing all the blacks in a period drama was such a delight. The main couple now rival Lucifer for the sexiest couple on TV. Mostly the black lead. Hes incredibly handsome, and those abs and biceps, my god haha. The show is incredibly horny. The sex scenes almost felt like I shouldn’t be watching because they were so passionate. This being based on books at least it shouldn’t get progressively worse like Shondaland shows sometimes Do.

    On the gaming front, I tried out stadia because I was in the mood for games that we’rent dynasty warriors and am actually surprised with how well it works. I used my discount they gave me to buy assassin’s creed unity to look at all the pretty french buildings and have been having a blast. Also tried out destiny 2 because apparently I was only a hater because I didn’t have access to it. Now that I do and I see how it plays I’ve been obsessed. It’s been legit since like halo 2 or 3 since I played an FPS that felt this refined and I for one am glad there’s a free to play version. Even though I’m playing on my own because I don’t like “gamersâ„¢” I’m still having a blast. I just unlocked one of those hover bike things. I’m glad Aaron bringing it up multiple times made me consider playing it. Also now that I’m into cloud gaming I also gave Nvidia geforce now a go because I have a lot of games on Steam I never play and that’s been great too, been playing the Witcher 2. Hopefully this stuff keeps getting more refined and tuned. It’s nice being able to play these without owning a good pc or any consoles. I’ll definitely get Xbox xcloud when that’s fully up and running.

    I find it actually funny that the best way to play cyberpunk 2077 atm if you don’t have a pc is stadia. The mess that games launch has been is truly sad. Probably the best example as to why crunching your developers to dust won’t result in a good product. Probably a bit too optimistic of me to think companies that have gotten away with operating this way would change. I hope this does dissuade even a few companies from doing this to people. Alright, love y’all. Felix out.

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