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SMR 309: Lovers Rock

Rod and Justin review “Lovers Rock” from Steve McQueen’s “Small Axe.”


  1. trey_swindu744

    Rod you have me crying with that fake Jamaican accent man , hahahahahahaha
    Thanks for the review!



  2. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod and Justin, Definitely added this to my Prime watch list. Yall made this one sound really fun./interesting. Glad to know there was no tragic “police busting in” scene. Thanks for the review. ~ Karena

  3. Kemdoc

    Ahahhaha is ‘small up yaself’ the opposite of ‘big up ya self’. As a Jamaican kid I gotta say, the Jamaicans would not approve ahaha. But that’s because we’re a stank culture. Lol. I could not believe that scene with the whole party (including the rapist nigga….Yes you nigga we ain’t forget. Wdf?!) singing ‘Foolish Games’ went on for as long as it did. I mean wow. They normally close out the club with something like that. It went on for entirely too long but I guess something like this could happen with a song that everyone in the party knew the words to. I love that it wasn’t the cliche Bob Marley song. As a Jamaican all these songs were new to me because it was just before my generation/coming of age. If I ever wanted to be uncomfy and watch this with my parents (which…..newsflash I don’t! Lol) they would know and sing along to all these songs and be nostalgic the way we would.

    I was surprised there wasn’t more racism. Excuse me sir, I was told there would be racism in this movie and there wasn’t very much. Gotta say, I’m not happy about that lol. Then white boys woulda got the business from that big dark skinned dread.

    The fact that the dude came in the party with the shyts….bumping into and shoulder checking everyone and slowly but surely he was able to let that hurt go and enjoy himself becoming the life of the party was a real sign of unity. Nobody threw him vapors. He was just in a bad place. I enjoyed this. Maybe I’ll watch it one more time for the Jamaican in my. But I’ve seen enough lol. Bravo on the review. I laughed to my hearts content!!

  4. collapsus

    I swear I checked this out to hear Justin and Rod try/hone their Jamaican patois accents: “mi brethren” “spar”. Justin was dead on with wanting to fast forward certain scenes (the slow jam scene comes to mind). Let me tell you, my Shazam app was active as hell during this entire episode. When they played the Kunte Kinta Dub I got a little choked up as I felt their pain and joy on full display. Small Axe is a dope anthology so far Steve McQueen can’t miss. MERCURY SOUNDS!

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