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2241: Bust Some Suds

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  1. Anne

    Sorry for the”Well Actually” but I wanted to point out that fastest growing group in the Catholic church are people in African countries. The Catholic church is predominantly white in North America but less so in South America. Many black people with South American roots tend to be Catholic. So the racial make up of the church depends on geography.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Thank you and the listeners for reminding me that I wanted to re-listen to the section of your podcast with DJ Benhameen where you discuss music. I rewound that section so many times trying to make sure I heard the artist name/song correctly. I was debating trying Spotify Premium since they are currently running a three free months offer, and the list of music you provided has convinced me to sign up.

    FYI: I love Earthgang. I have not stopped listening to them since you told me about them.

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