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PG 271: Songs Of TBGWT

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss buying batteries, ordering delivery, talking the insurrection at work, America’s Funniest Home Videos channel, Samsung Smart TV, covid scares, Night Stalker documentary, listener feedback, local news and white dude who texted Rod about Trump.


  1. Kemdoc

    I hate to double back but is there anything better than these Bernie Sanders memes?? They put him at the red table entanglement, Beyoncé laying in the nigga lap like the Cater2U BET performance, he in the birdbox boat with Sandra Bullock and the kids, they got him on the 2 train, on a ski lift, holding a snowy parking space like a orange cone, lol. It’s amazing content. He was dressed like the inauguration was a little event Joe was throwing that he was gonna swing by for a second. Fukk outta here with them mittens lol. Primo material.

  2. Kemdoc

    Ricardo, Kalathea, and Jiveturkey,

    Inauguration was glorious. I love all the pomp and circumstance. It was like Xmas for me and more of a civic lesson.

    Getting to see Dr. Fauci work with a professional administrator is exactly what’s needed. He just has to stand up there and be an expert with the leeway to tell the scientific truth. Rather than beat back bull and lies that are killing more people than anything. He was able to break down the impact of the mutant versions of the virus against the efficacy of the monoclonal antibodies in the current vaccines.

    So far this White House is professional as hell. Their agenda is transparent and laid out. Republicans better be craftier than ever before to obstruct this type of precision and accuracy. Everybody looks to be working hard out the damn gate. Professionally vetted executive orders to over turn Trumps most damaging ones less than 48 hours after taking the oath. This is going to be a joy to watch for a political wonk like myself. The press briefings have been a master class of dodging questions like Neo in a precise way. Jen Psaki can pivot the Fukk out and it doesn’t feel like utter bullshyt okay!!! Already garnering major respect from the press core which makes their questions better and sharper. You love to see it in the early stretches when these questions from the media come with too much pressure and expectations to get results overnight.

    I’ve also noticed that the news media is obsessed with showing violent images of the insurrection. At first I thought it was just what they did to black people being murdered by police, but the hours of footage they keep showing and uncovering regarding new camera angles and more stories. They tased one officer three times in the neck. I’m sorry I’m letting off shots and taking several of them with me on my way to the Lord. But I guess they can show restraint. Aight den!

    In white people news, Demi Lovato did a great job with the song ‘Lovely Day’ last night. The Democrats know how to put on a safe feel good event where no one dies and there aren’t racial implications like Tulsa. Fukk all republicans. I’m not wasting any time to see things their way. There’s no need to explain to me what these people are going through. They’re fukking lucky that the wraith of Democrats is weak as hell. I wish the leadership would get it popping and expel every mutherfukker that opposed certifying the election and incited the insurrection. They let off shots. What the Fukk are you there for if you ain’t finna bust back?

    All my love LOL,

  3. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin.

    We did it, Joe. Man let me just be the first to say all these executive orders Biden knocking down the last two days are FIRE. Joe said we back on working and lets tear down that wall. Like he just passed a moratorium on deportation for 100 days, something I never thought I would see a sitting president do. I hope the pessimists on social media can at least celebrate the wins instead of seeing the negatives about everything but I seriously have doubts. Maybe im riding high but it feels good to have a competent president again. I hope we can start having honest conversations about these folks who grifted and profitted off being overly woke and anti-solutionaries as you say Rod. Folks don’t be reading the articles but jump to conclusions real quick.

    Also did yall see that our boy Kwame Kilpatrick got pardoned by Trump. Detroits Back! Nah just playing, but I do wonder if Kwames gonna try to run for office again since he got pardoned. I wonder what the goal was in freeing this man.

  4. fyahworks

    What’s up y’all,

    Hope the week has been kinda to y’all so far! Happy to be part of the first post trump era pregame! Just wanted to give a shout out to Karen and her fro! I’m loving the journey! When I saw you on Instagram! It took me back to coming to America with soul glo! But imma call it “FRO GLO”!

    Have a wonderful weekend


  5. chubbzero

    Hello karen, rod and jonald jrump. January 20th finally got here and now his bitch ass is gone! As bad as I felt after the 2016 election, it was the exact opposite Wednesday seeing joe biden and Kamala Harris getting sworn in! Now about this failed insurrection,. These white folks actually thought they was gonna commit felonies for the ‘gram and not get arrested. I really hope they lock all these muthafuckas up and throw away the key, but whiteness tho. If history tells us anything, ypippo can commit crimes on video like killing black folks and not go to jail. And do you guys watch the amber Ruffin show? She’s a writer for seth Meyers and now she has her own show. She did a song talking about those rednecks on Capitol hill on January 6th and it’s a bop! https://youtu.be/pTtYHm1Iosc
    I think that’s the link. If that don’t work just type “amber Ruffin is it the way”. alright talk to yall later!

  6. Blu_Mayne_Group

    I just looked up James “Smuggie” Mitchell on google…he looks like he steal.

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