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PG 272: Second Shift President

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s co-workers surprised by insurrection, white people having an awakening, Karen’s hair, the inauguration, Cold Bernie memes, Karen’s hair, Central Park, listener feedback and local news.


  1. Kemdoc

    Robinette, Kamala, and Jani Leigh,

    Kemdoc here. Anytime black women are up and having a great stretch be prepared for the Fukk shyt. Wwe barely got a day of basking in Georgia before an insurrection, and now we barely got through one week of First Lady Michelle looking like a glass of red wine and VP Harris being sworn in…..anytime black women are up: here come the latinex women. Was that glass breaking….is that Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music….wait….is that…..Dani Leigh…..omg….who the hell is that…..oh some anti black Dominican rapper on songs with Chris Brown and Da Baby’s girlfriend who will be cheated on in the next 2 days….. Dani Leigh didn’t learn from the missteps of Eva Longoria. That horrendously bad Yellowbone song is amazing to me. But I am glad she entered the anti black chat in order to re-tred the discussion for the 5,000th time. And her aim was supposedly directed at DaBaby’s dark skinned baby mom but here we are again. Somehow I still don’t think folks get it. She’ll bounce back just fine. I mean let’s not get crazy. She’s no Chrisette Michelle here. Lol. Smh.

    But I can’t lay all of this at the seat of these vocally anti-black women. They get their audacity from somewhere. Dani Leigh is a nobody in the grand scheme of things. I don’t hear any of these rappers stepping forward to say a thing and I don’t expect it. They didn’t even defend Meg the Stallion when she got shot by Tory Lanez…..hell they’re falling over themselves to save his career and getting on songs with him.

    Anyway….did see Trey Songz’s expressionless face as he put that cop in a guillotine choke hold at the Chiefs game??? What the hell was happening there?

    Have you heard the story of the Oregon Health Workers stranded in a snow storm with COVID-19 vaccine doses that were set to expire so they had an impromptu vaccination clinic right there going car to car? 6 of the Moderna vaccines were set to expire. In this scenario would you take the vaccine on a highway? I’m definitely taking the vaccine when I’m offered it but I’ll admit I’m on the fence with this particular one.

    Be safe,

  2. fyahworks

    What’s up y’all

    Hope all is well,

    Have you guys seen one night in Miami yet? Man I didn’t know it was a play, it gave me fences vibes! But it was good!

    Not sure if you guys watch 9-1-1 with Angela Bassett, Or all American with Taye diggs, But they both came back last week and so far so good! 9-1-1 really embraced the reality of the times we are in right now (covid).

    Lastly SNOWFALL returns feb 24th and I can’t wait! Over the weekend I saw outside the wire , and I gotta listen to y’all review! The funny thing about some of these British actors that put on an American voice, they use it in all the parts they get lol, so I’m watching the movie, and if I closed my eyes it would have felt like I had snowfall on.

    You guys have a safe one

    Love always


  3. Justin

    What’s the name of the song for those two people singing the filled with joy but a little bit of shame?

  4. LotusFlower

    I started laughing so hard when you talked about the 2nd shift president. I’ll admit, I’ve been extra happy lately since the inauguration and every time I see a MAGA get arrested for storming the capitol. I feel like I should feel guilty being this happy, but I can’t help myself. Especially when I see people’s posts on Facebook calling for “decency” and “it’s better to be kind than to be right.” Which I do agree we should be kind to one another, but these same people said nothing when trump was in office. Luckily I work from home, so I don’t have to be bothered with the Magas at work. Anyways, thank you for keeping me entertained during the pandemic. I listen to you all almost every day when I’m working.

  5. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    Hey there!!! I was dying listening to you guys talk about getting the second tv for the bedroom. The hubby and I bought the Samsung tv for our Christmas prezzie.
    She is sexy af!
    You’re right about the bedroom tv being the ghetto. Our bedroom tv was supposed to be hd, but that sexy ass 60 inch smart tv in the living room has determined that was a LIE.
    I’ve got a couple tips for you guys!
    Watch Game of Thrones on the sexy tv. Specifically, that episode where all the poors (myself included) were wondering what the hell was happening. The one in the dark with the Dothraki all being pawns? I’m not gonna lie, I thought that the people that were saying how nice that episode was were all crazy. Nope. They were right. That episode is ART!
    Second tip: sync your AirPods to the tv. That makes a working from home situation really simple. We have an open floor plan, and the hubby’s “office” is what used to be the family room. Now, I can still watch tv with the AirPods and it’s no problem as long as I hold in my tv talking.
    I’m kinda tempted to get a smaller for the bedroom, since it’s becoming painfully obvious that we’re probably gonna be in the house for the next 15 years because motherfuckers don’t wanna follow The Rona Rules.

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