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2261: Space Force Coast To Coast

Rod and Karen are joined by Nic and Reg to discuss the inauguration, stealing the election, Coronavirus News, Black Capitalism, White People News, woman tries to kill husband with eye drops, woman gets revenge, thief threatens to call police on mom he carjacked, Hackensack board member resigns after using bathroom on Zoom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That story about the woman on the school board who resigned for using the bathroom on zoom had me laughing so hard because you know it had to be number two. Number one you may be able to play it off but she dropped a duece and probably screwed her face up a few times. Why else would that guy say she was just sitting on the toilet. Number one is quick. Bet she used the spray afterwards.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars! I need NicJu to run me that link for the Make it Jump Challenge! I am that type of Christian Married Woman LOL!

    I love the love that you all have for one another.
    I spent most of my morning watching MSNBC ensuring that Uncle Pres. Joe and VP Auntie Kamala were sworn into office. I sleep a little bit better now.

  3. Bsola

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I wanted to shed a little light on how the American Nazi’s are affecting us up North in Canada.

    A conservative MP was expelled from the Conservative Party because he accepted a $130 dollar donation from a known Canadian nazi political wannabe local candidate.

    In the interview after he got expelled he stated that these are “Trumped up charges” and that he condemns racism.

    Smh I am not a fan of the conservative PC party but it’s probably good they did this. I suspect they don’t want an obvious racist challenging them for power in their party in the future. This frees them up so that they can continue to promote their low key racist and disenfranchising policies.

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