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2263: Black Women Views

Rod and Karen are joined by Reecie Colbert of Black Women Views Media to discuss her motivations to support Kamala Harris, living in the pandemic, the misinformation campaign against Kamala Harris, dealing with harassment online, lessons from the 2016 election, the insurrection, the Vogue cover, the political divide between Black men and women, her family gingerbread house contest winner and Black Executive Fan Fiction movies.

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  1. Mdiarra

    I loved this episode I think yall all brought up some really great points both about Kamalas presidential run, I know for me I got tired of trying to argue with folks about Kamalas record, at this point I just direct them to the receipts you posted for Black Women views and Democracy now. Both helped put a lot of context into her record and also made me realize folks are really trying to show that they dont research. I still see the “Kamala was a Transphobic cop” rhetoric going around in social media, especially when it came to just celebrating the historic moment of the inauguration.

    Speaking of the inauguration idk if its just me but I am still PISSED that we aren’t able to celebrate the historic achievement that is a Black Woman VP. Between the insurrection and Covid, plus folks who have pressured everyone to think we can’t celebrate this monumental event because she is a former prosecutor. I was young when Obama got elected but I remember the celebrations and cheers we had in my neighborhood. The fact that we can’t get that for Kamala just bothers me. Hopefully WHEN she becomes President we are able to celebrate properly and be annoyed with all the AKAs and Howard Alumni being extra (jokingly of course we love em).

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