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SMR 323: The Little Things

Rod and Karen review the new serial killer thriller starring Denzel Washington, “The Little Things.” We also discuss your feedback.



    Really wanted to like this movie, but it just never finds it identity. I don’t understand this Jared Leto appeal. I still need to watch Dallas Buyers Club to witness his Oscar-winning performance but, he doesn’t have much range besides acting strange. Rami Malek, I thought, was pretty good here, not great. Denzel Washington, once again, carries a meh film to some level of watchability. Halfway through Little Things, I felt that it gave up investment on plot & character development. Admittedly, it took me awhile to finish this film, as I didn’t finish till last week. It wasn’t compelling, sadly. I didn’t care for the twist & turns nor did I care about Denzel’s character, essentially, burning all the evidence. Felt like an unfortunate waste of time.

  2. Sean

    Still not sure how I feel about a movie with elements of a whodunit without actually introducing the killer… the third victim, the suicidal public urinater, and the serial killer fanboy all died in pursuit of a killer that we only saw in the opening scenes (his gait, chin (lacking facial hair), nose, height, physique, and car all exclude those two). Would it have been better if they actually identified the killer? What will happen when the killer strikes again and Malek has to accept that he killed a creepy yet mostly innocent guy?

    In ways this reminds me of Fallen, another Denzel Washington movie that should have had 30 minutes trimmed off in editing and had a to-be-continued type ending…

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