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BDS 384: A Gut Full Of Mahomes

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lebron’s big 4th quarter, Chad Wheeler domestic violence incident, Sekou Smith passing from Covid, new Lions coach, NBA no hug rule, Jason Whitlock cooning, health care workers getting free tickets to Super Bowl, Larsa Pippen taking pics with tigers, Kayla Nicole wants to be a wife, Philip Rivers retiring, Tristan Thompson, Jennifer King, college coaches covid, MLB HOF not letting anyone in, Dak gets beer deal, Mike Perry practicing with them cheeks, Trubisky proposes, Patrick Mahomes lil brother, Dwayne Haskins contract, Jay Cutler thotting it up, Gracie Hunt, Robert Kraft video destroyed, Herschel Walker’s son hating on Kap, Brittany Matthews flaunts baby bump, Larry Johnson says NFL is scripted, fan spreads ashes at game, advertisers pulling out of Super Bowl, D Wade wants an OnlyFans, Rachel Bush, Super Bowl tickets expensive, Antonio Brown ordered to pay assault accuser, Bradley Beal’s wife is anti-vax, Strahan got the Covid, Naomi Osaka buys women’s soccer team, Malik Beasley’s wife not getting much support, Renee Gracie, Tara Gins and Antwaun Woods wants to see Chad Wheeler.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and J. Doncic

    Only year 3 and already folks are starting to turn on Luka??? Never thought I’d see a HWHITE man get the heat this quick. Mark Cuban on with Jemele yelling at journalists for reporting the league thinks he’s a whiner and Porzingis getting slandered for the unreliable injury prone man he is? You hate to see it. Especially when they’re in the bottom 3 in the league and don’t even have their own first round pick this year. Oh what’s that? The Knicks get their pick, I didn’t even realize.

    And is the NBA really serious about doing this All-Star Game? Like we’re not still in the middle of a Pandorica? I haven’t seen someone this dedicated to a game since Marc Griffin.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jet Farve,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    I think Brett Farve was right to speak on Deshaun Watson trying to leave the Houston Texans. As a society, we’ve devalued listening to experts and Brett Farve is tried and true expert on ending relationships. Be it cheating on his cancer stricken wife to end his marriage, or sending that dick pic to a reporter to get fired by Wrangler, or constantly threatening to retire and getting the boot outta Green Bay, Brett Farve is an expert in ending relationships. Hell, when he stole all that money from the state of Mississippi last year? Probably ended some more relationships there. I mean, yeah, we could say it’s wild for racist Farve to call Watson everything but directly *uppity*, but Farve was probably thinking with his heart. Not cuz Farve was coming from a good place but rather his heart probably thinks better than his opiate fried and CTE riddled brain.

    The Brooklyn Nets really running the “no defense, no head coach, just vibes” system? They let Russell Westbrook hop out a time machine and beat them on a game winning 3.

    Lord I can’t wait to see the Tom Brady look flabby and sick as Project Pat Mahomes runs it back for his 2nd Super Bowl during Black History Month. I just need the ancestor spirits to realize that helping all the niggas on the Bucs, players and coaching staffs, means helping Tom Brady too. Am I wrong for that?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful, safe and warm weekend! Thank you as always!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  3. Kemdoc

    Romulus, Kiki Shepard (remember the baddie from Showtime at the Apollo??), and Jaymond Green,

    In honor of black history month, can we get into this hockey throw down?? This Nubian hockey king is giving this white devil the mufuggin blues! For freedommmm!!! For the ancestors!!! Good lord. I was wondering if they were gonna stop this before it got ugly!

    Just thought I’d spread a little black history tidings and joy!!!


  4. rodimusprime

    Salutations Rod, Karen and Justin Bulletball,

    What team defeated the newest super team and the defending Eastern Conference Champs this week?

    The Washington Basketball Team.

    My favorite trait of a sorry team is that they show up and show out when elite teams come to town but mail it in with the beatable teams. Welp, those two wins against the Nets and the Heat got Bradley Beal claiming us again. It’s funny because Beal has always been committed to the Washington Hufflepuffs, but the NBA world seems to want better for the young man. I been there tho. I worked jobs that I should’ve moved on from sooner than later. Luckily, the Wizards can count on Beal’s queen to help him make wise and informed decisions.

    That’s your weekly Balls Deep Wizards Report.

    Hold it down,

    Mikey T

  5. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, court side Karen, and jickey Calloway

    Where do we begin? Mickey Calloway out here Sexually harassing women in work in sports media and caught a slap on the wrist! The dumb ass rules and investigations currently prevent him from getting fired. But that is something that needs to change. But it’s a good ol boys club and they are looking out for each other first. Still a damn shame that in 2021 women have to anonymously report this things in fear of revenge or being blackball from furthering their careers.

    Next to the stage we have court side Karen, who had a little too much ciroc sitting court side and decided to chime in with her heckling husband to shoot at the king. They say when you shoot at the king you best not miss! When the smoke cleared she ended up apologizing to bron Bron and he then took to his ig to post lebron 1 court side Karen 0! Oh the petty! You love to see it!

    I’ll leave it here

    You guys have a great one

    Fyahworks out

  6. Sean

    Love the show! As much as it pains me to say this, I think the Bucs will win the Superbowl.

    I used to be a Bucs fan (since Bucco Bruce). Then the Bucs dropped Lovie (memories of the treatment of Dungy and Morris in the past) and then waited three years to hire a head coach I was on the verge of dumping them, then came Brady. Now Brady is an okay quarterback, but his politics and personality. So I decided to start looking for a new team (still undecided, although leaning Ravens).

    Anyway, looking at the numbers:
    Points per game
    TB 30.74 KC 29.61
    Points allowed per game
    TB 22.32 KC 22.39
    Takeaways per game
    TB 1.68 KC 1.39
    Giveaways per game
    KC 1.00 TB 1.11
    Strength of schedule
    TB 0.66 KC -0.48

    The only area that Kansas City has the advantage is Giveaways, but they still have an overall disadvantage in turnover differential. My guess is that every member of the Bucs will will outplay Brady and lead the team to victory, but Brady will get the Superbowl MVP as we have seen several times in Brady’s career. Chiefs 27 @ Bucs 29 (based on my algorithm).

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Detroit upgrading at QB and getting draft pics to boot… Love the show!

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