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PG 273: Valedictorian Mind Skills

Rod, Justin and Karen working on your car yourself, people harass a woman for paying a house cleaner, Biden passing bills, GameStop stock games, listener feedback, Rick Ross “Signed” controversy and some news.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do y’all,

    When y’all was talking about local politics and mentioned a nigga named Smuggy, I couldn’t believe an elected official had that nickname and held office. Tell me why his Ballotpedia picture instantly made me understand how his nickname stuck?


    Did the photography tell him to smile underhandedly? He smiling like he swindled someone. My apologies if I am casting aspersions on him.

    Wildest thing about the Gamestop stock thing was that, apparently, if enough white people come together against Wall Street then suddenly they’re the poor, huddled masses? Rose Twitter is loud for being so low-information.

    Happy Black History Season y’all,


  2. fyahworks

    Greetings nigz

    Hope the week has been kind to you all! We getting a double dose of Justin this week? Free and premium? It must be BLACK HISTORY!!!!!!

    I stumbled upon this series on YouTube called abandoned. It basically like a mini doc on retail companies that went defunct, bankrupt , basically no longer with us, such as Sears, blockbuster video, circuit city, and the beloved radio shack. They have many episodes which normally are about 20 mins. It’s what I would call an informative watch if you ever wondered what happened to some other these companies along with the origins of them.

    I’ve been listening to the regular show, especially with the covid news and steal the election segments and maybe you can answer this for me, what the fuck is with anti vaccine people? If YOU don’t want the vaccine, then don’t take it! Simple! If you feel it’s gonna kill us all, wouldn’t that mean you, (the anti vax-er) will be here still and can continue life? Like why are these people so Sam miserable? Is it really about the vaccine? Or are they just disrupters to democracy and society?

    Up north we got some snow! In the big Apple, 18 inches to be exact. So you know we still digging out of that, and they say more to come on Sunday! you niggaz stay safe and blessed and continue the good works!

    Fyahworks out!

    • Jorjio

      Drop the link to the doc pleaaaasee.
      I looked but couldn’t find it. My YouTube algorithms garbage. smh

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