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LSG 42: They Put Their Beyond Foot In It

Rod and Karen are ready to smack some lips again even in a pandemic. In our Spicy News segment we discuss champagne sales falling, Subway sued over tuna sandwiches, Kraft pink mac n cheese, IHOP new to-go menu, Chick-fil-A grilled spicy chicken sandwich, Pizza Hut stuffed crust anniversary, McDonald’s new chicken sandwiches, Lean Cuisine recall, Polynesian sauce exploding, Taco Bell bringing back Bacon Club Chalupa, BuzzBallz, grocery shopping in the pandemic, Chipotle digital only store and Cholula hot sauce dispenser. Then we discuss our Meals Of The Week from the latest food trucks. The Plated Palette, Dee’s Vegan To-Go and Sun’s Kitchen. In “Cook That Nigga” Rod talks about his loin lamb chops meal. We end with your feedsmack! The real reason we do the show. Thanks so much and we will keep creatively finding ways to eat and report back!

The Plated Palette

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Dee’s Vegan To-Go

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Sun’s Kitchen

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  1. JorjaMae

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    Great episode! How did you end up pressure cooking and then air-frying ribs? Is there a recipe you went off? If you didn’t use one, what temp did you find worked best for the air fryer?

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Karen and Rod,

    I loved this episode of LSG.

    I just wanted to let Rod know that I too am soy sauce sensitive, even the low sodium is too salty tasting to me, and I have found that Ponzu sauce is the perfect soy sauce substitute. It is made with soy sauce, but the process is different, plus it has a citrus tang since lemon or lime is a part of the flavor profile. Once I tried Ponzu sauce, I never went back, it is great on sushi , dumplings and anything else that you would put soy sauce on.

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